Sunday, 19 March 2017

Simple pleasures with the Classic Petite...

When you lead a busy life it is important to make time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures; this week was another busy one and I was able to be on time in style with the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite. I like the elegance of this watch, it is so understated and the rose gold mesh strap means it feels like a piece of jewellery which is a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 
I usually go through my diary for the week first thing on a Monday, over a cup of coffee of course. Lately, I have loved my new new Sony camera and these Balmain shades which are perfect for those early mornings when I feel tired. If the weather is fine, I like to take my morning coffee in to the garden; I love seeing the first signs of spring and recently, daffodils and snowdrops have come in to bloom. I always make time to treat myself and there are a few simple pleasures which make me smile, which I thought I would talk to you about here. Do not forget that you can use my personal discount code COCOCAMI to get 15% discount on the website:

Shopping is something I like far too much, I love shopping in Liverpool and Manchester and I usually have a quick browse around the shops at least once a week. This falls in to the category of an expensive simple pleasure, but I love finding new items for my wardrobe. Lately I love duster coats, because I am tall I find them really flattering and I think that a duster coat paired with jeans and t shirt is a stylish daily outfit which is easy to throw on. My Classic Petite watch makes even casual outfits look polished and I have been uploading lots of Instagram pictures featuring it, the #DWClassicPetite is definitely Instagram worthy! I got this handbag from Primark recently, I love the vibrant red because it adds a colourful accent to a neutral look and the gold insect detail is striking. 

Having a selection of pretty notebooks helps me to stay organised, I always find it easy to write to-do lists and stay on top of my weekly agenda if I have a cute notebook to write it all down in. Paperchase is one of my favourite stores for stationary, but I like Tesco and Sainsburys too. Primark also have a variety of nice notebooks and I recently got the notebook below from Home Bargains, I love the marble effect cover. 

The Classic Petite has a smaller 32mm dial and it is available with silver or rose gold strap with either white or black dial. I wore this outfit over the weekend, the combination of grey duster coat and a black dress layered over jeans and t shirt worked well with the rose gold watch. 

A little treat which I often brighten my day with is cake. I love red velvet cake and coffee cake too, I find it hard to walk past the doughnuts in the supermarket without buying any! 

Going out for cocktails is one of my favourite simple pleasures, there are so many amazing bars these days and I love sampling unusual cocktails; going out for a drink is a good excuse to get dressed up too.

Dining out is another simple pleasure which I enjoy, I eat out regularly for my work as a food writer and also just for fun. I love Italian food and there is something so comforting about a bowl of pasta. Going out for dinner is also a good way of catching up with my family or partner and one restaurant I love is Gusto as the food is hearty and delicious. 

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What are the simple pleasures which brighten your day and what do you think of the new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. 

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*The Classic Petite was sent to me by Daniel Wellington. Opinions expressed herein are my own and honest. 


  1. I definitely need those new DW's watch <3


  2. That is such a stunning watch! I too like shopping far too much too =P

    Rina Samantha

  3. Un post muy inspiracional.. yq ue hambre que me ha entrado!
    Mónica Sors

  4. The pasta looks delicious, and donuts too. I just got similar DW watch and love it.

    Nina's Style Blog

  5. Hi Camille!
    Thanks for your visit and comment!

    So pretty things! Love the colour of the lipstick and the food looks delicious!

  6. Love the watch!!! It's simple, it's elegant and it's still cool :)

    <3 Sara from

  7. I love the watch and I love the fact that you took pictures with different backgrounds and lighting so that we could see all its beauty!

  8. love their watches!

  9. Love DW. I have 3 of their watches and wear them all the time!

    Lisa Linh