Thursday 25 July 2013

Starting the day

I definitely agree with the widely held view that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having something to eat and drink in the morning provides vital energy as well as kick starting the metabolism, but it can also be a time to enjoy a few much needed minutes of tranquillity before the day begins.
Personally speaking, I enjoy the ritual of breakfast and it may sound unusual but I love to have breakfast alone because it gives me a chance to reflect and just enjoy some quiet. In summer, it is nice to eat outside, in winter to sit by the fire with a steaming cup of tea. I find eating alone in a coffee shop or restaurant is enjoyable too. It is nice to watch the world go by, plus you don't have to do the cooking! Here are a few simple breakfast ideas:

Porridge with berries. 

I use instant microwave porridge topped with frozen summer berries which thaw in the hot porridge. You could try making it with almond milk for those who prefer dairy free. Some other good toppings are chopped bananas, Apple, raisins and cinnamon. Blueberries go well too.

An ideal spot for breakfast

Organic egg fried in a tiny amount of olive oil, served with buttered multi seed bread toast

Breakfast in the garden is a real treat in summer

A smoothie: in a blender, blend ice cubes with natural yogurt, honey, a little milk or almond milk, chopped kiwi, banana and berries.

An omelette made with organic eggs

Cereal with raspberries and chopped banana

On the weekend it is nice to have a more decadent breakfast such as Eggs Benedict, croissants or pancakes. Delicious! 

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