Thursday 5 September 2013

Simple but delicious....

We all have those evenings when we relish just taking it easy. Naturally, such evenings don't call for a the course meal, but rather a quick and easy dish which can be taken to the sofa and eaten in front of a good tv show. The humble grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect dish for such an occasion, because it is so easy to make. One note is to use the best bread possible. Simple sliced bread works just fine if need be, but the better the bread, the better the sandwich so use uncut white farmhouse, poppy seed or sourdough if possible. Wholemeal works well, too.

A sharp knife
A butter knife
A chopping board
A non stick frying pan or skillet


Two slices of bread per sandwich
Two to three slices of mature cheddar per sandwich
Room temperature butter/ spreadable butter/ spread e.g. Clover


Slice the bread if using uncut. Slice two-three slices of cheese per sandwich. Preheat the pan/skillet on a medium heat. Butter the bread and place the cheese inside, as with an ordinary sandwich. Next, butter the outside of one side and place the sandwich in the pan butter side down. Carefully butter the other side of the sandwich as it lies face up in the pan. When the sandwich starts to sizzle (3-5 minutes cooking per side is a guide) flip it over and cook it on the other side. When the bread looks golden and slightly blackened, the cheese should be caramelized inside and the sandwich is ready to serve! 

Enjoy xo.

Other filing ideas:

Mozzarella and tomato
Jalapeno cheese
Tuna with grated cheese
Chorizo and cheese

....the possibilities are many and varied, but cooking times can vary depending on the sandwich filling, so keep an eye on the pan as it cooks to avoid disaster! 

 Preheat a non stick frying pan on a medium heat. Make a cheese sandwich as you usually would, but butter one side of the outside too.

Transfer to the pan, buttered side down
                                           Carefully butter the top facing side too

When the sandwich starts to sizzle, flip it using a spatula. The cooked side should look golden and crispy. You can cover the sandwich with a pan lid to speed up the cooking process.

When the sandwich is golden on the outside, the cheese fully melted in the centre, it is ready.

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