Tuesday 10 December 2013

Winter skincare heroes.

Winter is such a harsh time for skin with the effects of bad weather and central heating often causing dry and irritated skin.Here are a couple of my go-to products for glowing skin:

1.Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel.
This face wash is gentle to skin and free from harsh ingredients plus it is inexpensive and ideal to use everyday. 

2.Tesco Exfoliating face scrub with cucumber extract. 
This exfoliating scrub is both refreshing and gentle. The grains are not too abrasive and it leaves skin soft, ideal for use once or twice per week.It is another great bargain too. 

3.Olay beauty fluid.
This classic lotion really needs no introduction from me. It is soothing and moisturizing and makes a good everyday treat for skin.

4. Balance me wonder eye cream. 
This 99% natural eye cream is gentle and good for combatting dark circles and fine lines beneath the eye area. 

5.Lacura daily face cream with SPF15 and Q10.
This face cream from Aldi supermarket is a bargain, contains SPF to protect skin from the sun and combats wrinkles. 

6. Nivea cream.
Another classic 'wonder' product, this rich cream is great for dry skin, apply in a layer and allow to soak in for softer skin. 

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