Thursday 23 January 2014

Recipe: Peri-Peri Chicken Pitta Breads.

These chicken pitta breads are easy to make and they offer a great alternative to a take away meal.
(Allow 2 chicken/ Quorn mini fillets and two pitta breads per person dining)

A splash of olive oil.
Lettuce, washed and shredded.
Bottle of Nandos medium Peri-Peri marinade (or another shop bought Peri-Peri marinade).
Cheese slices,cut into strips  (I used cheddar).
Pitta breads.
Chicken breast mini fillets (or use Quorn mini fillets for a vegetarian version of the recipe).

Good quality oven chips and flatbread compliment this dish (optional).

To serve:

White wine (eg. Pinot Grigio) or sparkling water.

(If using oven chips to serve, cook them according to the instructions on the packet.)
First, wash and shred enough lettuce for each pitta bread. In a griddle pan or a non stick frying pan, heat the oil over a medium heat.
Place the chicken or Quorn fillets into the pan and pour enough of the marinade over to coat each fillet.
Cook the chicken, turning frequently until it is crispy and browned on the outside and white all the way through when you cut into it. At least 7-10 minutes normally of cooking time, but make sure it is cooked thoroughly before serving. If using Quorn, cooking time will be less!
Just before the chicken or Quorn is done, layer the cheese strips over each fillet so that the cheese melts slightly as the chicken finishes cooking.
Meanwhile, split and lightly toast the pitta breads. When toasted, spread a little Houmous onto the bread and top with lettuce.
Once the chicken or Quorn is cooked, carefully transfer it onto the waiting pitta breads. Drizzle with your preferred sauce to serve, for example ketchup or mayonnaise.

To serve, I accompanied the pittas with crinkle cut oven chips. Some other side dishes to compliment the pittas would be rice, mashed sweet potato or mixed green salad. To vary the dish, use a Jerk marinade rather than Peri Peri, or use Halloumi cheese rather than Cheddar. Another idea is to substitute the pitta bread for tortilla wraps.
I would suggest white wine to serve with this meal, to compliment the spicy chicken I served Pinot Grigio but Chardonnay would also be a good choice. For non-drinkers, serve sparkling water so that the flavours of the pitta breads are not spoiled by a sugary soft drink.
The Ingredients (minus the olive oil)

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