Thursday 12 November 2015

Comptoir Libanais Manchester launch party...

It is rare to come across a breath of fresh air in the restaurant scene, with virtually every cuisine and concept we can think of readily available in major cities. One cuisine however which is not as freely available is Middle Eastern, so I was delighted to hear that celebrated restaurant Comptoir Libanais is opening a location in the hip Spinningfields area of Manchester. I just love Spinningfields, it is such a good place to go out in Manchester, bursting with great restaurants and bars.

I was so pleased to be invited to attend the launch party for Comptoir Libanais, because I love Middle Eastern food. From the second we arrived, I knew we were in for a special evening and I was delighted by the beautiful interior of the space. The restaurant was already full of party guests when we got there, and many people were outside on the sweeping covered terrace, which brings a real flavour of warmer climates to the restaurant. Adding a covered terrace is an inspired touch, because you can enjoy being outside no matter what the weather!

 Comptoir Libanais is the brainchild of Tony Kitous, and the first restaurant opened in 2008. He wanted to bring authentic and wholesome Lebanese food to the people, and the brand has been growing steadily ever since. Comptoir Libanais is a hotly anticipated and welcome addition to the Manchester scene, with so much to offer in terms of both menu and ambience. 

After a warm welcome from the lovely Andy Foy who is the restaurant manager, we headed to the bar where we sipped chilled prosecco and homemade Toufaha lemonade, with apple, mint and ginger. The bar staff were impressively efficient, serving the guests rapidly and whipping up cocktails with real flair! 

Silver bowls brimming with fresh fruit and jugs of pomegranate water on the bar gave even more colour to the vibrant setting. I just love the interior design of Comptoir Libanais, which has a large open plan restaurant space (complete with private dining area), open kitchen counter and a long bar area with banquette seats, decorative tables and colourful scatter cushions. Everywhere you look, there are elements of Middle Eastern d├ęcor, with beautiful painted tiled walls and floors, pretty coffee pots and handmade baskets which you can buy to take home!

We tucked in to delicious canapes during the evening, such as h
ommos, fishcakes, chicken skewers and baba ghanuj as we chatted with friends and soaked up the party atmosphere. We also enjoyed delectable baklawa, which are always a favourite of mine. They were delicious with flaky pastry, honey and pistachio. Irresistible bites of sweetness which go so well with traditional Lebanese style coffee; strong black coffee slow roasted and finely ground with Cardamom and served in a traditional rakweh. 

Comptoir Libanais will offer coffee and a croissant for £2.75 every day until 11am, so Manchester will have a bustling and warm new spot to enjoy that essential morning caffeine-fix from now on! If I lived nearby I would be popping in all the time, because the colourful interior just makes you smile from ear to ear! The emphasis at Comptoir is on healthy, light and affordable food which can be enjoyed in the restaurant or to take away. 

 As well as tasty breakfast options, the menu has sumptuous mezze platters, wraps, salads, traditional tagine and Lebanese mana’esh flatbreads to offer. Divine! The casual yet chic style of the restaurant is really appealing, this is a 'roll your sleeves up and enjoy' kind of atmosphere, with none of the stuffy old fashioned feeling which makes some restaurants so unappealing. 

Drinks are equally impressive, with coffee, tea, iced tea, homemade lemonades, cocktails, wines and beers to choose from! As well as being a cool spot to grab a bite to eat, I could definitely imagine popping in to Comptoir Libanais just for drinks, as the bar area is light and airy and the huge selection on offer plus the lure of the outdoor terrace to enjoy makes for a winning combination! 

 I am so envious of Manchester to have such an exciting new addition to the thriving dining scene. I cannot wait until we have a Comptoir Libanais in Liverpool, make it happen soon please!
I will be going back soon to review the restaurant menu, so watch this space. Many congratulations to the whole Comptoir Libanais team and thank you for a wonderful party! 

What do you all think, would you like to try a tasty tagine or some moreish mezze in the vibrant surroundings of Comptoir Libanais? Have you tried Lebanese food before? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

Comptoir Libanais 
18-19 The Avenue,

M3 3HF

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  1. I need to go! I have never tried it before but it sounds amazing

    Lauren x |

  2. Yummmmm, I'm glad Comptoir are spreading their Lebanese seed, so good!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  3. Great post dear :)

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  4. Wish I was there too. Overeating sumptuous!

  5. what a colourful and happy place :)

  6. I'm a fan of Comptoir Libanais, so healthy and tasty - great that you have one in Manchester now

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. Wow love the look of this place so different.
    Carrieanne xx