Sunday 14 February 2016

Salt House Tapas...

It is always fun to try somewhere new and I have heard so many good things about Salt House Tapas in Liverpool, so we decided to give it a try one evening when we did not have any particular plans. Even though we did not have a reservation, we were seated straight away and talked through the menu in depth. I love tapas; the idea of smaller dishes appeals to me and it is more of an exciting experience to try several different flavours. 

We started off our night with thick cut Libby’s toast with tomato and Manchego cheese which was a tasty and satisfying way to begin the meal, a grown up version of cheese on toast with subtle and tangy layers.

A little cast iron pan of sautéed baby chorizo with honey was a delight to look at and to savour, with plenty of meaty depth to the chorizo and a nice sweet kick from the honey glaze.

I adore the freshness and salty bite of goats cheese, so the deep fried monte enebro goats cheese with spiced orange and beetroot chutney was a personal favourite of mine. There was a superb balance to this dish as the sweet and spicy chutney really offset the sharpness of the cheese, whilst croutons added a crunch of texture.

A dish of potato gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, sunblushed tomatoes, hazelnuts and sage was a true revelation, with sweet and savoury elements which complemented each other. This was a nutty little treat with ingredients I would not have expected to pair so well together. 

Of course it is practically set in stone that we have to order bravas when we go for tapas, so we went for an order of crisp fried potatoes with bravas sauce which were hearty and with a great bravas sauce which managed that blend of sweet, spicy and sharp which makes bravas really good. The only problem with this dish was sharing it!

A dish of roast chicken breast served with shallots, celeriac purée, crispy pancetta and a rich jus was an impressive plate which was like a mini version of a roast dinner, with so many satisfying components to it. The creamy celeriac purée paired well with the roasted shallots and the juicy chicken, which was cooked to tender perfection.

We were pretty full but we just about found some room for dessert, as usual! A stunning baked turron cheesecake served with cream and PX raisins (raisins drenched in Pedro Ximenez Sherry) was an excellent way to round off this convivial feast. Sometimes I am in the mood for a dessert which is not too sickly and does not drown the flavours I have already enjoyed. This cheesecake was just the right choice, as the rich creaminess of the baked cheesecake had only a slight hint of sweetness from the raisins.

We had a lovely evening at Salt House Tapas, the food was so good and it took us on a journey of flavours. Service throughout was charming and the ambience of the restaurant was bustling and vibrant with a Mediterranean warmth. I was impressed by the gin menu and there was an extensive choice of tapas to please everyone. I felt relaxed and at ease and we chatted and laughed as we delved in to the plates. I left smiling and I will definitely be back again to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and interesting choice of plates to share!

What do you all think, do you like tapas and which of these dishes appeals to you? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

Salt House Tapas 
1 Hanover Street,

0151 706 0092 

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  1. Yum! Everything looks amazing..I love trying new cultural foods!

  2. O teu dia parece ter sido fantástico! :) Gostei muito!!

  3. Yummy food :)

  4. The goat's cheese with orange and beetroot sounds absolutely delicious

    1. Thank you very much Suze, it was a tasty dish :)

      Camille xo

  5. Yum! What a delicious spread.

  6. Everything look delicious! Yummy
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