Monday 13 June 2016

Tapas and flamenco at La Tasca...

I can never resist tapas, the convivial style of dining really appeals to me and I like the idea of enjoying a wealth of flavours in one meal. I was happy to be invited along recently to experience the newly refurbished La Tasca situated in Queens Square in the centre of Liverpool. The restaurant has a stylish new look, and the design is light and bright with a real flavour of Spain from the vibrant colours, candlelit tables and outdoor terrace.

Jugs of sangria filled with fresh fruit awaited us as we took our seats at long tables which gave us a great view of the open kitchen and paella station, where you can watch the traditional rice dish being prepared.

We were treated to Tabla la Tasca first, the house board of sliced chorizo, salchichón, piquillo peppers, Manchego cheese, olives, ciabatta and chorizo bites. So many rich and evocative taste combinations on one board!

Padrón Peppers are always a favourite with me, apparently every one in ten of these little green peppers is supposed to be fiery hot but I have still never experienced a hot one. These were simply seasoned with sea salt and there was an appealing bite to them.

The Pan Tumaca was also good, freshly baked bread rubbed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil and served with a topping of grated tomato and sea salt which tasted sweet and sharp, again demonstrating how much flavour can be given from such an essentially simple set of ingredients.

Presa Iberica was definitely one of the revelations of the evening, a meltingly succulent Iberico pork shoulder steak from Salamanca , this was cooked just right retaining the tenderness, a dish which really shone as the pork was just sublime.

Another favourite of mine was the pan fried squid with crispy chorizo and a hint of garlic and chilli, dressed with a squid ink and wine sauce, this was so delicate and the chorizo offset the squid well.

All of these dishes were worthy of praise and the slow cooked pork cheeks did not go against that trend, with a rich Pedro Ximenez jus and an accompaniment of sautéed potatoes this was a well-rounded rustic dish.

The sangria flowed and live Spanish guitar and flamenco dancing really added to the ambience of the evening as we enjoyed a refreshing goat’s cheese and smoked tomato ensalada.

Pescado Rebozado deep-fried white fish, in a special-recipe San Miguel batter, served with alioli and lemon was a crispy treat, and I loved the San Miguel batter which added a bubbly and golden quality to the fish.

You cannot go out for tapas without ordering a portion of Patatas Bravas and the triple cooked Patatas Bravas at La Tasca were delicious, with a spicy sun dried tomato sauce and roasted garlic mayonnaise.

We were treated to an excellent 2009 Torres Mas La Plana red wine before we were presented with the eagerly anticipated Paella Mariscos, brimming with mussels, king prawns and squid, this was a true delight with a spicy flavour which contrasted with a sweet and smoky tomato taste. The pan of paella was presented in the traditional way, garnished with fresh lemon, and it was a hit as everybody served a portion of the steaming dish.

We had a fun night at La Tasca sampling some of their most popular dishes alongside several new additions to the menu which are sure to be a hit with diners. The atmosphere was great and each dish delivered a bold set of flavours, I have a new destination when I am in the mood for tapas! 

As a special treat for Coco Cami readers I have this voucher courtesy of La Tasca for 25% off your food & drink at La Tasca (Queen Square, Liverpool) valid until 29th June 2016. Simply click the image below to go to the voucher for you to print out and fill in then take to La Tasca Liverpool with you to get your discount when you dine there! 

La Tasca
4 Queen Square,
L1 1RH

What do you all think, have you dined at La Tasca and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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  1. Oh my gosh...I LOVE paella! It is my absolute favorite dish in the world.

    xo Azu

  2. sounds like a fun place to eat at.

  3. The squid looks amazing! I used to go to La Tasca here in London, but last time I went I had such bad customer service I haven't been back since x

  4. Oh this looks like such an amazing place!

    Lauren x |

  5. love!
    kisses from dubai

  6. The food looks mouthwatering and the place looks like a lot of fun!