Sunday 12 February 2017

Dinner at Scene Indian Street Kitchen...

Located in the Spinningfields area of Manchester, Scene Indian Street Kitchen* has a stylish and understated design aesthetic with soft lighting, dark wood and large windows overlooking the riverside terrace. The restaurant always has a relaxing feel to it, even when it is very busy, and I like watching the chefs at work in the open kitchen as they put the finishing touches to various dishes. I went to dine at Scene again last night and we settled at a table overlooking the terrace as we decided what to order and enjoyed a stack of poppadoms with an assortment of chutneys.

I like the variety on the menu at Scene and the samosa burgers are not to be missed while the Indo Chinese section offers a choice of fusion dishes and the superfood section offers a selection of healthy salads and juice shots. The array of dishes means that you can always find something intriguing to order, which you may not have tried before.

One word I associate with Scene is authentic, there is a genuine warmth to the restaurant and the menu is filled with dishes inspired by Indian street food classics which are often available on roadside stalls in bustling cities such as Mumbai. These dishes are hearty and filling and they combine a wealth of flavours; we decided on a dish I had not tried before to start with, gunpowder potatoes which are new potatoes cooked in a ‘gunpowder’ seasoning, a mix of spices which was well balanced with a fiery kick which complemented the crispy potatoes.

Our second starter of samosa chaat delivered a superb balance of sweet and savoury taste, with a combination of pastry with spiced potato and peas topped with chickpeas, tangy chutneys and yoghurt as well as a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. I could eat this every day, it is a satisfying dish and I can see why it is a popular street food. 

We moved on to our main courses, my paneer butter masala was delicately spiced with a generous amount of paneer and a rich, creamy sauce. I enjoy ordering a vegetarian Indian dish as I always find this allows the aromatic spices to shine. 

I can never resist cheese kulcha naan bread, which is stuffed with mild cheese and coriander before it is baked in the tandoor oven until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown. 

 My dining companion selected the chicken lababdar, pieces of tender chicken in an onion and tomato sauce which had a subtle array of spices and a drizzle of cream. This was a winning dish with complex flavours which contrasted well with saffron lemon rice, which was bright and zesty.

Portions at Scene are generous and we had just enough room left to share a dessert of gulab jamun, a traditional Indian dessert which consists of sweet balls made from cream, semolina, pistachio, butter and cardamom which are dipped in a sweet saffron syrup. This was an indulgent dessert with just the right amount of sweetness and the gulab jamun were a treat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Service was friendly and efficient as usual, at Scene the team are always ready to chat and I often end up learning new things about Indian cuisine from them which is a bonus! 

Scene Indian Street Kitchen
4 Left Bank
M3 3AN

Scene is one of my favourite places to dine in the area, I love Indian food and the dishes have a finesse to the flavours which is hard to beat. 
What do you all think, do you like this style of food and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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*I was invited to review Scene Indian Street Kitchen, this meal was complimentary. All opinions stated herein are my own and honest.


  1. The food looks so delicious !
    Have a great start to your week !

  2. Looks amazing! I am such a sucker for a good meal.

    Amy Ann
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  3. Indian food is my favorite! this all looks so tasty!

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  5. Oh my I am drooling over all these food photos! I LOVE Indian food yet have never seen most of these dishes before! Where are they hiding? Those potatoes look amazing as does the samosa chaat and naan. I need to try more Indian dishes and find a place that serves food like this! xoxo, Christine

  6. The food looks so good!
    Adi xx

  7. I love Indian food and the food looks really good.

    Ann-Marie |

  8. Great post !
    It look all delicious

  9. Love the colors of the food! I should try Indian food because it looks so yummy.

    xo, Yasmin

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  11. All the food looks so delicious! Especially the chaat and the curries. And I'm a sucker for gulab jamun.

    xx Yasmin