Tuesday 31 March 2015

A facial at Tracey Bell...

I have been very fortunate lately to attend so many parties and events, but we all know that the one downside of partying and late nights can be skin that is left looking a little bit (whisper it!) dull. This was exactly the predicament I found myself in of late, having come home in the small hours of the morning on too many occasions to remember, and fallen into bed having taken off my make up with the most rudimentary swipe of a cleansing wipe possible.  
Usually, when I am being ‘good’  I do use cleansing wipes, but then I also wash my face with Nivea facial wash gel and remove any further traces of make up with their Micellar water. After that I always moisturise using Nivea Soft or L’Oreal Revitalift Repair 10 and usually a serum too. I am sure you can imagine, that my abandonment of the usual routine had left my skin in a state of rebellion. Dry and flaky with zero glow or vitality, I was in serious need of giving it some TLC. Luckily, the very day after the lavish party at Delamere Manor, I was booked in to have a facial at the lovely Tracey Bell* salon in Liverpool last Friday, in association with His & Hers magazine who I am lucky enough to work for. 
A last minute deadline came in on the morning of the facial, so I spent the hours beforehand writing a press release. It was quite a comical turn of events, as in true ‘what can go wrong will go wrong’ fashion, I found myself rushing to finish the press release whilst on the train to my appointment. I then realised I had sent off the draft copy (complete with typo!) instead of the proof-read version, just as the train went underground. I then spent twenty agonising minutes waiting to arrive in Liverpool so that I could sprint out of the station to where I had a signal for my personal Wifi hot-spot again on my phone. Cue a comedy sprint up the escalator, during which the handle on my handbag snapped! I then managed to connect to the hot-spot only to be told off by the train station guard for balancing my laptop at the top of the stairs whilst I tried frantically to send off the proof-read version via email! I finally managed to send it and by then I was running fifteen minutes late and feeling more than a little frazzled. Oh well, the life of a novice writer never did run smoothly and luckily when I arrived at Tracey Bell the staff were lovely about my tardiness and I was instantly settled in on a sumptuous sofa with a welcome mug of coffee in my hand. I hope you can forgive the make up free photographs of me everyone!

After filling in a quick pre-treatment questionnaire I was escorted downstairs into the inner sanctum, where I was forced to relax as my phone lost its internet connection. Probably a good thing as it meant I could finally stop checking my email! There was a huge open plan waiting area where I relaxed with my coffee and flicked through glossy magazines, and in no time I was beckoned into one of the treatment rooms by my lovely therapist Hayley. She explained that I would be enjoying an Oxygen facial, a non-surgical  treatment with Intraceuticals products.

 The decadent waiting area complete with reclining chair. The perfect place to relax!

 One of the relaxing treatment rooms, complete with Fake Bake tanning booth!

Favoured by the likes of Madonna, Oxygen facials are popular to revitalise dull skin. Rejuvenating serum is applied to the skin and a machine similar to an airbrush then applies a jet of oxygen to your skin which increases absorption of the product and targets fine lines and dryness. The serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea to result in instantly smoother looking skin. Hayley talked me through the treatment to a background of relaxing music, and I was so relaxed I felt as though I could drift off to sleep, but we were too busy chatting! Stage two involved the application of Rejuvenate Hydration Gel with Hyaluronic Acid to seal in hydration and protect against moisture loss.
The jet of oxygen felt so pleasant and cooling against my skin, that I could feel it working its magic. It felt so soothing having the serums applied to my skin and I could feel the intense hydration, the perfect indulgence for my neglected skin! The third and final stage of the treatment was having Rejuvenate Moisture Binding treatment applied to my skin to seal in moisture and to ensure my skin stayed hydrated long afterwards. It contains essential oils such as jojoba, macadamia, wheat germ, and sweet almond. Further key ingredients were vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea to protect the skin. By then my skin felt absolutely amazing and I could not wait to see the results.

My lovely therapist for the afternoon. 

 Ready to be pampered and preened.

A range of the Intraceuticals products for use in treatments or at home.

 I was slightly nervous but I was put at ease by my lovely therapist, as we chatted throughout the facial and I soon relaxed as the treatment got underway.

 The machine used is just like an airbrush, and it feels really soothing and cooling on your skin.

Half way through the treatment, my skin was already glowing! You can see that my eyebrows needed shaping, which Hayley kindly did at the end of my treatment.

My lovely therapist and I, thank you for my glowing skin and new eyebrows! 

Hayley kindly offered to shape my eyebrows at the end of the treatment too, since I mentioned neglecting them for a while. She did a super job of waxing them into a lovely arch and I felt like a completely new person by the time we left the treatment room. I was delighted to see that my skin looked absolutely glowing and much younger than it had when I walked in. I would definitely recommend and Oxygen facial to anybody who feels they have been neglecting their skin. Hayley then whisked me to the chic make up area of Tracey Bell, where she applied mineral foundation (as I explained I was going out for the evening so I needed make up on despite my glowing skin!) mineral make up is gentle enough to use after facials, so she applied foundation and blusher and touched up my eyebrows using a HD palette.

 The make up area in Tracey Bell is a relaxing haven!

 Preparing for my make up to be done in the glamorous make up area!

 Feeling revitalised! 

What a fun afternoon! 

 Feeling glowing after my facial, I was ready to head out for the evening.

 The selection of treats I was sent home with!

After a couple of hours of being pampered,  I was finally ready to leave, so I bid the lovely Hayley and the rest of the team at Tracey Bell a fond farewell. I was given a wonderful goody bag to take home, including Eye Scription Illuminate and Anti Wrinkle Serum, Skin Scription Matrix Rebuilding Serum and a gorgeous coral lipstick. I set off into the afternoon feeling thoroughly revitalised. I just had time for coffee and a sandwich, and then before long it was time to head out for the evening. Of course, I could not wait to check my email and I was thrilled to find out that my press-release (minus the typo!) had been approved!  Thank goodness for that after such a disastrous morning!
Thank you so much to the lovely Tracey Bell salon for making me feel so pampered, revitalised and relaxed for the afternoon and to His & Hers magazine. Tracey Bell offer a wide range of treatments from facials and manicures to fillers and cosmetic dentistry. I would definitely recommend the salon for a thoroughly professional and friendly experience which caters to all your beauty needs. 

Tracey Bell 
32-36 Hanover Street 
0151 707 0340


We headed out for some bubbly and cocktails to round off the day!

What do you all think, have you ever had a facial or would you like to try one? Remember I love to read your thoughts and thank you all for reading this post!

Until next time,



I was kindly invited to review Tracey Bell Salon, therefore my treatments were complimentary for review purposes, All opinions expressed are my own and honest.


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    It looks like a really great place!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. Oh hun as I was reading this post I was thinking this is so me - always in a mad dash to be somewhere else! At least you had some lovely relaxing pampering at the end of it all! x

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    <3 Shannon
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  7. What a treat - I've always wanted a facial!

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    Corinne x

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