Thursday 19 March 2015

Iceberg Vodka Launch Party with PK Agency at Playground Liverpool

I am lucky to get to attend some amazing events in the course of my work and on Sunday I was delighted to accept an invitation from the lovely PR guru Paul Knowles of PK Agency to attend the launch* of Iceberg Vodka at the exclusive Playground nightclub at the Hilton Hotel. Paul is the person to go to when you want to organise a stunning event!
It was held after the other fabulous event of the afternoon, a fashion show at the Hilton Liverpool One (separate blog post to follow on that!) so Sunday was quite an amazing day filled with parties!
The scene for the Iceberg party was set, with a red carpet adorned with a fabulous ice sculpture with a bottle of Iceberg nestled within. The flashbulbs were popping as a host of the beautiful people arrived such as model Amanda Harrington, model and writer Jade Ainsworth, Bollywood actress and model Amy Jackson and Big Brother star and celebrity Mark Byron. It was a breathtaking party which attracted all the right people. The striking bar area of Playground was laden with a mouth watering selection of Iceberg based cocktails served in cute Iceberg goblets and there was a tempting array of cupcakes and sumptuous chocolate-dipped strawberries to choose from. Later in the evening, trays of sublime canap├ęs were circulated, keeping everybody happy as they danced long into the night. Iceberg vodka itself is deliciously smooth and can be drunk alone over ice or as an ingredient for cocktails. It is derived from unspoilt Icebergs which have naturally detached from Arctic glaciers off the coast of Newfoundland. Quadruple distilled and seven times filtered, then blended using Ontario sweet corn, the vodka has a soft light and sweet flavour. This tastes like such an elite vodka, far removed from well-known brands and in a whole different league. I could definitely imagine James Bond forgoing his usual Martini for Iceberg vodka any day of the week!


Delicious cocktails.

Model Amanda Harrington.**

Model and writer  Jade Ainsworth.**

 Actress and model Amy Jackson.**

Celebrity and Big Brother alumni Mark Byron.**

I met lovely blogger Hana Pablo at the party and we had a nice chat. It was fab meeting you Hana, hope to see you again soon! 

The party was soon in full swing and the lucky people on the guest list were having fun as soon as they walked through the door. Everyone was having such an amazing time, and the DJ got the crowds on the dance floor with a great eclectic mix of dance music and RnB. Everybody looked so glamorous as they always do at a PK Agency party, with girls in a stunning array of dresses and guys in suits or classic blazers with jeans. It was a fashion heaven, with so much wonderful people-watching to do that I almost forgot to sip my cocktails, I said almost...!
Playground is such a chic venue for a party, with leather booths, a sweeping bar area and a vast dance floor. The ceiling is decorated with eye catching lights which change colour, this adds a unique appeal to the amazing nightclub. There was such a great atmosphere, with everyone getting into the party spirit as soon as they arrived. The models from the earlier fashion show were out in full force, wearing some beautiful dresses which added even more glamour to the occasion.

The club was packed with party guests having a fab time!

It was so great to see Paul, even though I had lost my voice the day before so I could only squeak rather than speak! Nevertheless, thank you so much to Paul and his company PK Agency for kindly inviting me to the launch. We had such a wonderful night and I enjoyed every second of the glamorous party in such a wonderful surrounding.

 The talented mixologists at work on those yummy cocktails!

Turning up with some champagne before the amazing Iceberg vodka!

The cute Iceberg goblets.

The glamorous bar area.

Delicious chocolate strawberries!

Another of the stunning ice sculptures!

 Cupcakes and cocktails!**

Stunning limited edition bottles encrusted with Swarovski crystals!**

The amazing dance floor at Playground

What do you all think, would you like to try Iceberg Vodka? I wish you had all been at the party with me, it was such an amazing night! I love to read your thoughts and thank you for reading this post, I am looking forward to sharing the fashion show with you all next.

Until next time,



I was invited to this party as a guest of Paul at PK Agency, all opinions expressed are my own. 

**Images marked '**' courtesy of PK Agency


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