Tuesday 5 May 2015

Eat Elite Launch Party...

Hi everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the weekend. You all know by now that one of my passions in life is good food, I work as a freelance food writer and photographer as well as reviewing restaurants, and I simply love food and trying new things. Although good food is integral to all our lives, it can be difficult to find the time to follow a balanced diet when you have a busy lifestyle. Finding the time even to go out for grocery shopping, let alone to cook hearty and nutritious meals, can be something of a challenge. I was lucky enough to attend the VIP launch party last week, of a company which addresses this very concern. Eat Elite Professional Nutrition offer a range of personally tailored nutritious meal plans which can be delivered direct to your door. Genius! This is a brilliant solution to what is an ongoing problem for many of us. At some point, most of us have grabbed a chocolate bar, unhealthy sandwich or even (whisper it) a burger when there is no time to create nutritious meals at home, but if you sustain this lifestyle over a long period your health will ultimately suffer.
Eat Elite Professional Nutrition has a team of highly skilled chefs who create meals which could rival any fine dining restaurant, using only the finest seasonal produce. These are delivered to you at a choice of addresses so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious food at your convenience.
 The company celebrated their launch with a glittering party held at their headquarters at Liverpool’s historic Albert Dock.  As always, PR experts PK Agency had organised a show-stopping party. Founders of Eat Elite Professional Nutrition Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo were delighted to welcome their guests, which included an array of celebrities such as actress and presenter Terri Dwyer,actress Anna Passey, actor Kurtis Stacey and celebrity and Big Brother alumni Mark Byron. 

Delicious champagne cocktails welcomed the guests. 

 Eat Elite Professional Nutrition partner Dario Curcillo with celebrity Mark Byron and actor Kurtis Stacey. 

 Hollyoaks actress Anna Passey

Actress and television host Terri Dwyer and guest

 Model Layla Flaherty.

Terri Dwyer enjoying the event. 

Guests mingled over delicious champagne cocktails before walking the red carpet to enjoy the delicious lunch. We were serenaded by live music and vocals and the Eat Elite chefs were hard at work waiting to serve the array of dishes. There were so many delicious options on offer, such as vegetarian sausage casserole, selection of assorted new season vegetables including asparagus, seared wild salmon, chicken teriyaki and filet of steak. This was a wonderful opportunity to preview some of the delicious menu options which are offered by Eat Elite. 

The meal plans are tailored around the clients lifestyle and individual needs, and there is full telephone support available too. Eat Elite is definitely a great solution to the problem of not having enough time to cook proper balanced meals. Guests at the lunch had a wonderful time, the champagne cocktails flowed and the meal ended with a selection of exquisite fat-free French patisserie style cakes such as tarte aux fruits and millefeuille. A nutritious meal plan which still allows you to eat cake? Sounds perfect to me! No wonder Eat Elite Professional Nutrition is already popular with a host of celebrities such as Steven and Alex Gerrard!

What do you all think; do you find it difficult to eat healthily when you lead a busy life? As always I love to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

Until next time,

I was invited to this event as a guest of Eat Elite Professional Nutrition and PK Agency. All opinions expressed are my own and honest.


  1. The food looks delicious... hope you had a great time!


  2. sounds like a great event.


  3. Oh that food looks delicious, looks like PK Agency put on a great event! It can be hard to fit in healthy eating when I'm really busy but I do try to cook from scratch as often as I can, I always feel so much better for it.

  4. Food looks delicious! I've been trying to eat healthier (which means, here in Italy, less pasta and bread lol) and it's been quite difficult, since that's what we do when we want something quick and simple. I'd love something like this in Italy too omg

    Agnese ♡
    Agnese's Coiffeuse

  5. The food is so tempting!


  6. oh how fit are those guys, sure was a fun event

  7. Hooray! I am drooling over the variety of vegetarian-friendly foods. Sounds & looks delicious. :]

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  8. Looks like an awesome time oh my and the food yummo!!


  9. Looks like so much fun!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. internally screaming at how hot those guys are omg


  11. Yummm!! Looks so good.



  12. Hola! qué lujazo poder haber asistido! tiene todo una pinta estupenda. Te sigo desde ya!

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  13. Thumbs up!! I have been craving on this vegetarian food. From a long time I have been trying to eat healthy and only vegetarian! Last month there was our office party where I ate non vegetarian food over an extended period. Anyways, thanks for this post!