Saturday 16 May 2015

Lunch at an old favourite...

A couple of weekends ago, on a rather miserable Saturday afternoon with slate grey clouds hovering menacingly above and the threat of imminent rain, we decided to pop into one of our favourite haunts The Restaurant Bar and Grill Liverpool for a spot of lunch. There is a classic feel to RBG, it has faultless service and great food, which coupled with the chic and stylish interior, makes it the perfect place to stop off for lunch or dinner. Not to mention the cocktails which are so good! We did not have a reservation, but the ever lovely staff found us a cosy table for two and we perused the menu over an excellent South African Grand Cape Chardonnay which was citrusy and dry. 

 A dry and delicious Grand Cape Chardonnay of South Africa

We began the meal with the charred flat breads which were served with delicious hummus with parsley, red onion and pine nuts. Not to be awkward, but I decided to have a starter as a main (a request which was fully accommodated) and opted to have the Thai fishcakes, which were light and filled with delicious Atlantic Halibut. The lemongrass salsa which accompanied them was sharp and fragrant, perfection. Alongside the fishcakes I also had the charred sweet potatoes with lemongrass crème fraîche. These are deliciously divine and I could happily eat them every day!
My partner had the steak sandwich ( I know steak again!) and he loved the perfectly cooked steak on a hearty and rustic style sourdough roll, served with fries and 
Béarnaise  sauce. 

Charred flat bread

Thai Spiced Fishcakes

Fillet Steak Sandwich 

Last but not least, it was time for dessert and I admirably refused, but I still shared a bit of the dessert my partner ordered in the name of a full review....ha. It was a sensational hot chocolate fudge sundae which was frankly incredible, with layers of rich fudge sauce cascading over vanilla ice cream and chunks of chocolate cake. Wow! There was just time for a coffee and as you can see by the candlelit table our long lunch had extended into the evening! We had a super time and we headed to the bar for a few after dinner cocktails. Well, it was the weekend!

 Hot fudge sundae.

So that was another delicious lunch at Restaurant Bar and Grill. What a lovely way to spend a relaxed Saturday afternoon. What restaurants do you all like to visit when  you want to relax? I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

Until next time, 




  1. Looks so yummy! Those fishcakes sound delicious :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. The charred flatbread looks amazing. I'm a carb fiend. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. The charred flatbread looks amazing. I'm a carb fiend. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. This looks so yummy! That desert oh my sweet tooth is going mad right now! x

  5. even if I had breakfast a couple of hours ago I'm getting hungry again!!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  6. yum , yum and yum !!!

  7. Mmm this all looks so delicious! I admire your restraint at refusing a dessert, not sure I could've been so strong!! Fab review as always!

    Kay xx