Sunday 29 May 2016

A voyage of cocktails at Red Door Chester...

You know by now how partial I am to a cocktail or two, so it was a pleasure to be invited along to Red Door Chester recently to sample a few of their cocktail menu options. After a warm welcome from the lovely Sam, we were seated in cosy booths where we could soak up the intimate atmosphere of the bar which has a hidden away feeling with the bar dominating the centre of the space. We would be sampling a selection of cocktails during the evening, but first we were treated to welcome drink of Fizz Your Bean, which is one of my favourite drinks at Red Door; a sweet concoction raspberry and Prosecco with a jelly bean in the bottom of the glass.

I have to say, I was very excited to try The One With The Balloon, this was my first time sampling a cocktail which comes complete with its own balloon and I loved the sense of fun this conveyed. This cocktail was an irresistible blend of Ketel One Vodka, homemade rhubarb syrup, rhubarb liqueur lemon juice, egg white and custard essence. The balloon is filled with lemon grass infused helium so that when you pop it, the scented air adds to the heady experience of the drink. I would say this is perfect for celebrations, a really special cocktail.

Before long it was time for the fiery creation of Caramelised Rum Punch, a heady blend of rum and fruit which is heated over a stove before your eyes. The theatre of this drink is incredible and there is pure entertainment in watching cocktails like this being prepared. Red Door always excel with their theatrical choice of cocktails and Old Smokey is another favourite of mine. This was a tasty and refreshing cocktail which would be lovely on a sunny day and watching this being made was a real treat, with the flames flaring up as the drink was made. 

I like ordering gin goblets when I go out at the moment, and the Big Dill consisted of Tanqueray gin, watermelon syrup, dill, fresh Amaranthe and a slice of watermelon, finished with Fevertree tonic water. This was such a refreshing and unusual take on a gin and tonic which tasted as good as it looked. I have tried various gin goblets recently and this was the first one I have tried with watermelon in it, which worked so well. 

The South Beach Sour was a tangy creation of Cocchi Americano, passionfruit syrup and egg white. Another summery drink which conjured up distant shores, this was a favourite of mine during the evening. I liked the variety of the cocktails we tried as there was something for everybody. 

Without doubt, a good espresso martini is one of my all-time favourite cocktails, one which I often order at the end of the evening when I have been out to dinner, so I was thrilled to see an Espresso Jalisco on the menu. Patron xo cafĂ© tequila, vanilla vodka and espresso are blended to make this smooth and delicious cocktail which is sure to wake you up. This was the final drink of the evening and I thought this classic creation was a great way to round off proceedings. 

It was such a fun evening and I like the way that Red Door go the extra mile with the creation of their cocktails, combining knowledge with theatrical mixology which results in irresistible drinks. Red Door is a great place for a night out and I am looking forward to visiting the Chester bar again soon for some more delicious drinks! A big thank you to Sam and the team for a lovely night. 

Red Door 
St John Street 
CH1 1HL 

What do you all think, have you been to Red Door and which of these cocktails would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. 

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  1. These cocktails look so fabulous - especially that espresso martini!

    Erin xx

  2. This got me into a Friday vibe already! Lovely cocktails

    Take care doll! Oh, I'm hosting a giveaway, I'd love if you entered!

  3. That balloon cocktail is brilliant, I think they should open a bar in London!

  4. That balloon cocktail is brilliant, I think they should open a bar in London!