Thursday 22 August 2013

Outfits of the day

3 recent outfits. Picture 1: maxi skirt and Bob Dylan vest top from Primark, studded bag EBay 
Picture 2: skirt River Island, jacket Primark. Picture 3: Fringed kimono jacket, Limited Edition at Primark, leggings River Island. 
I always love to throw on a maxi skirt with a vest top in summer, it is such a simple go-to outfit. Kimono style jackets are something I also find indispensable, teamed with a simple vest and skirt or leggings, they make an outfit seem so on trend and pulled together, even when you don't feel like making an effort. Primark is great for a kimono jacket as they often have fringing, unusual prints or embroidery which give them a vintage feel. Here are two more I have found in Primark lately:

Rolling Stones vest and fringed kimono, Primark. Bag, EBay. Jeans, River Island.

Kimono jacket, fringed bag and Roxy Music top all Primark.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Chicken stir fry with samphire

Chicken stir fry with samphire.

Samphire is a delicious coastal plant, when cooked the flavour reminds me of the crispy seaweed served in Chinese restaurants.

This stir fry is a delicious and quick midweek meal. 


1 tbsp Vegetable Oil plus a little to fry chicken
Lean chicken breast fillets
Stir fry vegetables 
Straight to wok noodles 
Stir fry sauce
Salt and pepper

1 packet Samphire if desired

To serve

Prawn crackers
Sweet chilli sauce 

In a non stick frying pan on a medium heat, fry the chicken in a little oil turning frequently until browned and the meat is white all the way through when you cut into it. Set aside.

 In a large wok, heat the oil and stir fry the vegetables until they are beginning to soften, stirring often:

                                  Add the stir fry sauce to the wok and stir to combine:

Add the straight to wok noodles and stir:

In a separate non stick pan, fry the samphire on a medium heat. I added salt, pepper and a few spices for flavour. When the samphire is hot and crispy, set aside. The satay sauce in this picture was used to add more flavour to the stir fry. Simply add a spoonful to the wok whilst cooking:

                            Dice the cooked chicken and add to the wok stirring well:

                     Serve with prawn crackers, rice and sweet chilli sauce of desired.


Recent Outfits...

Picture 1- 'Psyche' vest, Primark. Black dip hem skirt, River Island. Studded bag, EBay. Crochet fringed waistcoat, Primark. Sandals, New Look.

Picture 2- Black vest, Primark. Bag, Primark. Skirt, River Island. 

I just love maxi dresses in summer and I have far too many, but sometimes a skirt and top can be a nice combination on hot days too. I like this black dip hem skirt because it goes with everything and the cream/beige maxi skirt is simple yet looks classic.