Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wax on, wax off at Miyagi Liverpool...

I recently decided on a whim to have lunch at Miyagi in Liverpool. This new Japanese inspired restaurant has recently opened and everyone has been talking about it. It comes from the same people who are behind the hugely popular Mexican street food restaurants Lucha Libre, and Miyagi is their latest venture.
It opened a few weeks ago and I have been eager to give it a try for myself after hearing great reviews. I was walking down Bold Street last Monday feeling hungry after a meeting and I decided that I would treat myself to a delicious lunch there. Eating alone does not bother me, I am used to going to restaurants alone by now as I regularly review them. I had the laptop with me, so I knew that I could catch up on some work whilst I was there too.
I was given a warm welcome and led through the sumptuous bar area to a cosy table at the back of the restaurant, where plenty of people were already seated for lunch. I love the decor of Miyagi, which features exposed brickwork, velvet booths, elegant lighting and plenty of art adorning the walls.
I ordered a glass of white wine, which was chilled to perfection and deliciously fruity. I perused the menu at length, debating what to order and I decided to skip having a starter since I was dining alone but instead went for the 'Mr M's famous karate katsu curry with pineapple and chilli fried rice' this is billed as being one of the dishes for 'big and sumo appetites' which seems to perfectly sum my appetite up! 
When the katsu arrived I was certainly not disappointed with the huge platter of crispy katsu chicken fillet coated in traditional panko breadcrumbs, accompanied by a large portion of pineapple and chilli fried rice. The mild curry sauce is served on the side of this dish, which I think is a great touch as you can pour as much or as little as you want on to the chicken. 
The chicken was absolutely melt-in-the-mouth perfect with a crispy coating which gave way to tender chicken. Meanwhile, the pineapple and chilli fried rice was sweet and savoury at the same time, with a pleasantly fiery chilli kick. The curry sauce was heavenly and not overpowering, so it really allowed the flavours of the chicken and the rice to shine through. I devoured the whole plate quicker than a sumo wrestler ever could!

 There is an extensive menu to choose from at Miyagi with so many delicious options such as Bento boxes, noodle dishes and Teriyaki steak. Yum! The service at the restaurant is absolutely flawless and I was checked on regularly throughout the meal by the lovely staff who chatted away to me about the different menu items. Top class service such as this really sets a restaurant apart and keeps you coming back time and again. Aside from the wonderful food and decor, the friendly atmosphere really put an extra smile on my face. There is also a list of decadent sounding cocktails available which looked amazing when I saw them being delivered to neighbouring tables!

 I could not resist ordering a dessert so I went for Mr M's chocolate brownie spring rolls with coconut ice cream and chilled plum sake. I always think a dessert which combines hot and cold is a winner and the dreamy warm melted chocolate inside the crispy and sweet spring rolls went so well with amazing coconut ice cream. Coconut ice cream is one of my all time favourites and it is so difficult to find, so I was delighted to have it in Miyagi! This sinfully sweet dessert was divine and the chilled plum sake was a really nice touch too, as was the fruit compote served on the side..

Mr M's chocolate brownie spring rolls with coconut ice cream and chilled plum sake.

 The most delicious latte which I rounded off my meal with.

I answered a few emails, had a chat with some friendly Miyagi faces (lovely to meet you!) and sipped a rich latte before setting off into the afternoon filled with happiness. I had a super time at Miyagi and I absolutely loved every second of it. The food was out of this world and the kindness of the staff really made me feel welcome. I cannot wait to go back again soon as I am already craving more of the amazing katsu and the chocolate brownie spring rolls which were dreamy. I am looking forward to trying more dishes from the large menu and and of course I will be sampling one or two of the cocktails too! I wish Mr M and the team every success for the future! 

77 Bold Street 
L1 4EZ

0151 329 0222

Twitter: @MisterMiyagis

What do you all think, would you like to sample the delights of Miyagi? I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

Until next time,



Delicious vegan meals from Give Kitchen...

As a food writer and blogger, I am fortunate enough to eat plenty of delicious food on a regular basis, but the only downside to that is that all of the rich food can leave me feeling a little tired, unhealthy and in need of a little detox every now and again. I was recently delighted to be given the opportunity to try tasty and nutritious meals delivered direct to my door by the company Give Kitchen*, part of the Give 2040 Foundation. This ingenious company creates nutritious and healthy vegan meals which are delivered to your choice of address. Considering Beyonce credited a vegan diet with helping her to look so stunning at the recent Met Gala in New York, I was already convinced before I had tried the food.
Although I do not usually follow a vegan diet, I have heard so much about the astounding health benefits of being vegan and of course, vegan food is cruelty free which makes it even more enticing. I also love the ethos of Give Kitchen, which has a one to one giving principal as its company policy. For every meal sold, Give Kitchen gives food to a person in need, and this ethical principal really appeals to me as you know that by eating their food you are not only benefiting your own health and the environment, but also helping those less fortunate at the same time.
Based in Liverpool and founded by business partners Dario Curcillo and Paul Hampson, Give Kitchen has a mouthwatering array of delicious and tasty meals which are devised and created by their talented chefs using only the most premium and (where possible) locally sourced ingredients. I immediately thought that following a vegan diet might mean that I had to cut out many of my usual treats, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was even a yummy selection of  sweet treats on the menu too! Every time I would have usually reached for a piece of chocolate or a cookie, I instead enjoyed one of the delicious Give Kitchen vegan sweet bites, such as hazelnut and berry rocky road, chocolate cherry brownie, raw energy truffles and dark coco flapjacks.
It is little wonder that so many celebrities have converted to a vegan lifestyle, when the effects on physical appearance are so astounding. Vegan diets are often credited with putting an end to yo-yo dieting, as devotees feel fuller for longer and stop craving foods which are detrimental to health. The clean eating principles of the vegan diet mean that the body is not exposed to the harmful additives and toxins often found in non-vegan foods. Give Kitchen meals are also free from genetically modified ingredients, pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Many people notice health benefits when they adopt a vegan lifestyle, such as weight loss, improvements in their complexion and increased energy levels. I noticed that my skin was glowing and that I felt more energetic than usual.

The delicious meals from Give Kitchen include so many options and I enjoyed dishes such as roasted vegan sausage with Italian vegetables and potato, vegetable tagine and red pepper and onion burger.

The meals were hearty and satisfying and they were delivered direct to my door so that I could store them in the fridge and reheat them when I was hungry. I was so impressed by how varied the menus were and by the range of tasty ingredients which were used.

I love spicy foods so it was great to see dishes such as tagine, gumbo and Mexican style dishes were on the menu. All the dishes were easy to prepare by simply reheating them in the microwave or on the hob.

 Give Kitchen founder Dario Curcillo

 Give Kitchen founder Paul Hampson

Red pepper and onion burger with roasted butternut squash and green beans.

The talented Give Kitchen chefs

Not only were the savoury options delicious and satisfying, the sweet bites meant that I also had a range of desserts to choose from. I do have a little bit of a sweet tooth especially after dinner in the evening, so it was great to choose from the selection of goodies on offer!

 Delicious sweet bites.

The busy Give Kitchen offices which I recently had a tour of.

Give Kitchen currently have a special offer of the 22 Day Vegan Challenge which was made famous by Beyonce, it is a really great challenge as you can follow the plan to feel healthy ready for summer or just if you feel like you need to have a little healthy detox. I felt so many amazing health benefits from following the Give Kitchen meal plan for a week and I loved the choice of delicious meals and sweet bites. The meals are gourmet and restaurant quality so I did not miss eating out during the plan, and I enjoyed the convenience of the meals being delivered to my door. Although I do not always follow a vegan diet, after feeling the amazing health benefits I will definitely be incorporating as much natural and plant based food into my diet as possible from now on. Thank you to the team at Give Kitchen for giving me the chance to review their meals! 

0330 999 3 888

Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock
Liverpool, L3 4AF

So that is all from me for now, are you vegan or have you ever followed a vegan diet? Would you like to try the tasty meals from Give Kitchen? As always I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

Until next time, 



These meals were sent to me on a complimentary basis for review purposes. All opinions expressed herein are my own and honest.

Sunday 21 June 2015

Summer beauty edit

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I do not often share a beauty-related post with you, but I have been sent (and purchased) a few lovely  products lately which I wanted to share with you all. Now that the summer is finally here (although the weather is still unpredictable) we at can at last wear summer clothes, and there are a few beauty goodies which have really been making me feel ready for summer lately. To start with, I popped into Marks and Spencers when I was in Chester for work recently and I snapped up a couple of items in the beauty hall. I do not often shop in M&S and I was very impressed to find a lot of cool beauty brands on offer. I bought a gorgeous new perfume called 'La Maison de Senteurs' this eau de parfum is floral and sweet, with soft and powdery notes. I absolutely love it and it lasts for a long time. It only cost £15 which was a bargain compared to my usual favourite fragrances. I snapped up a deliciously scented vanilla and cocoa butter body lotion in Superdrug and their Vitamin E moisturiser which I have used before. Again this Vitamin E cream is a bargain and it even contains SPF 15, which is essential to protect my fair skin now that the sun shining. I really rate Make Up Revolution because the products are reasonable priced and excellent quality. I purchased this pretty pink blush to give my skin a healthy glow and I really love its pigmentation and formula which lasts all day. Our hands often get neglected when it comes to beauty products, so I bought this cute tube of hand cream recently in Primark and I love it. It cost next to nothing, the floral packaging is pretty and the formula is so moisturising.

This Batiste* 'Sweet and Seductive' Dry Shampoo Ella Henderson edition smells delicious and leaves your hair scented, refreshed and volumised. This is a great product to take to festivals or on holiday, when you do not always have the time or ability to wash your hair. I always swear by Batiste and this new Ella Henderson version is a superb new product with cute packaging that looks great in your hand luggage!

Also from Marks and Spencers, I bought Cocoa & Shea Butter hand wash and Coconut & White Orchid hand and body lotion.  These smell divine and the hand & body lotion leaves my skin so soft. I was very impressed as these were only £1 each which is great value.

 I cannot get through the spring and summer season without Dove Summer Glow which is an ingenious lotion with a built in gradual tanner. Fake tan can be a tricky world to navigate and I have had my fair share of disasters over the years (orange hands and streaky legs is never a good look!) however, this product is the closest thing I have ever found to a fool-proof fake tan and although I may occasionally flirt with other brands I always go running back to my old faithful Dove. This is a perfect product for those of you nervous of using fake tan as it is very subtle and therefore difficult to get wrong! Now body hair is of course even more of a nuisance than usual in the summer months, I have found a couple of great products I just have to share with you. I was recently sent two amazing Nair Argan Oil* products. Firstly, their body wax strips which are quick, efficient and leave your skin feeling very soft. Top marks all round. I was also sent their bikini brush-on which is a fast and effective product devoid of hassle and which again is very moisturising. Both of these were quick and easy to use, so perfect for the summer months.

 I also snapped up a Miami Beach Club body spray when I was in Primark recently. It is fresh, floral and fruity. The perfect sweet scent to spray on after you have got out of the shower.

 Alien Eau De Parfum is my signature fragrance. I have worn this perfume for years and I always receive so many compliments when I wear it. This special bottle engraved with my initials was bought for me as a present and it was such a lovely gift.  
Co Lab Dry Shampoo is often talked about, and I have recently discovered this product. It has a gorgeous fragrance and leaves your hair glossy and refreshed.  This is the Tokyo Oriental Fragrance which smells simply delicious.
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is  a product which everyone raves about, and for good reason. It gives your skin a sheer veil of colour and a very healthy glow, so it is a very worthwhile investment.
Cadbury's Dairy Milk is not strictly a beauty essential, but it certainly makes me glow when I eat it so I am adding this to the list! Eating chocolate is linked to happiness as it releases endorphins, so there is a good excuse!

So that is all from me for now, let me know what beauty products you have been loving lately! I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

Until next time, 



These products were sent to me on a complimentary basis for review purposes. All opinions expressed herein are my own and honest. 

Saturday 20 June 2015

Bierkeller Ice Bar Launch Party...

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a great party at the Bierkeller Liverpool One to celebrate the launch of the new pop-up Coors Light Ice Bar. The Ice Bar will be in the Bierkeller from 19th June until the end of August, so be sure to visit if you get a chance! There are mini curling decks, a life-sized bear ice sculpture and a cool (literally!) bar area inside the Ice Bar. The wonderful party was organised by the amazing Paul Knowles of PK Agency who always creates brilliant parties and events. 
This was the coolest party in town and everyone had an absolute ball. After being given our VIP wristbands, there were delicious champagne cocktails and French Martinis to enjoy on the outdoor terrace. The Dutch Flower Shop had created stunning floral displays for the event and there was live music. We feasted on gourmet canapes and bespoke Ice Bar cupcakes which were so delicious. After enjoying the party downstairs, guests had the chance to get sub zero in the Ice Bar upstairs. We were given special silver capes to wear to protect us from the cold and inside the Ice Bar we enjoyed vodka shots and admired the surroundings. Everything inside the Ice Bar is made from ice, even the seats and the stunning bar took several days to build! I can't wait to share a few photographs from the event with you all.

Wonderful flowers from The Dutch Flower Shop decorated the party.

After enjoying delicious canapes and cocktails we had the chance to visit the Ice Bar which was such an amazing experience! Guests enjoyed meeting the ice bear and sipping on sub zero shots before having a go on the mini curling decks!

Inside the amazing Ice Bar 

 Guests sipped sub zero shots in the bar.

X Factor star Chris Maloney with writer and model Jade Ainsworth. It was lovely to chat to you again Jade!

Layla Flaherty with PR entrepreneur Ryan Mira. Ryan is such a lovely guy, and we had a fab catch up on the terrace. 

Celebrity Chelsey Harwood who I had the pleasure of meeting. She was so lovely and we had a gossip about hair salons for a few minutes! 

Big Brother star and celebrity Mark Byron with model Layla Flaherty. I have met Mark before and he is so lovely. 
The lovely Tom Stockton with Melissa Taylor 

The beautiful Amanda Harrington, who is a successful model. 

 Delicious canapes!

 Cocktails and wine flowed during the amazing party. 

Delicious bespoke cupcakes.

It was such a lovely event and everybody enjoyed the fabulous party so much. It was a real pleasure to check out the exciting new Ice Bar and this will be the coolest place to have a drink in Liverpool throughout the summer. Visiting the Coors Light Ice Bar is definitely an amazing experience! I had a lovely time catching up my friend Hana Pablo who has a great blog, please check her out at where you will find so many fab pieces to read! 

So that is all from me for now, what do you all think, would you like to visit the Ice Bar and enjoy the cool surroundings? I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

Until next time,