Friday 16 October 2020

Private dining at Lemore Manor...

During my recent stay at Lemore Manor* in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, I spent an evening enjoying the company of the owners Ben and Margaret over dinner.
I always like it when a hotel has a range of dining options available and Lemore Manor offers both fine dining and casual dining - on this occasion I was fortunate enough to be showcased a new addition to the sprawling grounds of Lemore Estate, The Hub which allows for fully self - contained private dining. 

From the outside, The Hub is a space – age construction of metal and glass and inside, there are two large tables with wraparound banquette seating. The Hub also has its own heating, sound system and soft lighting – everything you could possibly need to set an intimate mood for your dining experience. The table was set in readiness for our meal and fresh flowers and candles added to the elegance of the mood. As we settled in, I connected some music for the evening on my phone which streamed through the Bluetooth speakers and before long our wine selection arrived, along with freshly baked bread straight from the oven, accompanied by some divine Marmite butter.

After chatting over our bread and wine, the amuse – bouche was set on the table and dinner got underway in earnest with a silky velouté of onion & Herefordshire cider, made with onions grown on the Lemore Estate. The warming velouté was filled with a delicate sweetness and the Truffle almonds added a nice crunch and a hint of earthiness. I also liked the whimsical presentation of the amuse, which was served in a vintage cup and saucer. 

The fresh flowers and candlelight added to the cosy ambience of dining in The Hub and it felt like we were members of a top secret club, as we enjoyed such a private dinner! 

Next on the table was a starter of Cornish lobster with heritage tomatoes, lobster bisque mayonnaise and garden leaves. The lobster bisque mayonnaise added an indulgent element to the dish, while the heritage tomatoes rounded things off with a burst of zesty flavour which conjured up summer.  

It is admirable when chefs source premium quality produce as locally as possible and the next course to arrive showed off Herefordshire venison to perfection - the venison was paired with carrots, beetroot grown on the Lemore Estate and garden chard. This dish was sophisticated in its simplicity and the beetroot gave the venison a depth of flavour which worked so well with the richness of the meat. The ragu of venison leg which was served on the side made a hearty addition to the plate and this dish was popular with all of us. 

It was music to my ears to hear that we would be treated to two desserts – the pre-dessert of caramel mousse with Lemore pear, brown butter crumb and mascarpone was my personal favourite and the juicy homegrown pears tasted incredible against the crunch of brown butter crumb. 

The second dessert of caramelised apple crumble was impressive in both taste and presentation – served in a light honey filo pastry case, the crumble was topped with spiced cherries which gave this dish a pleasingly autumnal feel. 

I must make a mention of the wine selection we savoured during the course of dinner too - a lovely light drop of  Alsace Pinot Gris, (Cuvée René Dopff) was delightful with the lobster and one of my favourite red wines going into the winter season has to be Pinot Noir, so I was delighted to share a bottle of full-bodied Domain Road New Zealand Pinot Noir which made the ideal partner to the venison. 

The evening was a resounding success in every way and Margaret and Ben made the most genial hosts and kept me entertained throughout with their stories of owning Lemore Manor over the years. After dinner, we were joined for coffee by the accomplished head chef James Wilson and I thanked him for such an enjoyable dining experience. 

Lemore Manor 


Lemore Manor is a great choice for a relaxing stay combining excellent hospitality, luxurious accommodation and accomplished fine dining. A break here offers a chance to unwind and forget the pressures of everyday life, in tranquil surroundings - what could be more appealing with everything going on in the world at the moment! 

What do you all think, do you like the idea of private dining in The Hub and which of these dishes catches your eye? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. 

Until next time,



*I was invited to stay at Lemore Manor, my stay and dining experience were complimentary. All opinions expressed herein are my own and honest.