Sunday 25 May 2014

Open hearts and shooting stars...

 Friday outfit, details below.

 Topshop Jeans, Primark blouse and blazer, Forever 21 Handbag.

 Simple face of the night on Friday evening. Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation in True Ivory, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Maybelline The Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara, Collection Lipstick in shade 6 'Bubblegum', Topshop blush in 'Neon Rose'.
Friday evening in Liverpool, after the rain.

Hi everybody, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far. It is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK which means an extra day free ! This is never a bad thing! The May Bank Holiday weekend began on Thursday evening for me because I had the day off on Friday, so I went out for drinks on Thursday night to my favourite local bar. I met some really nice people, and a wonderful dog called Bailey!
On Friday, I had a relaxed day and just went out for coffee in the day followed by dinner at a local pub in the evening. It was really heavy rain, so we grabbed a coffee after dinner and took it to the waterfront at a place called Meols. You can see the lights of boats out at sea, and I love watching the driving rain falling onto the water. I really love that feeling, when it is raining heavily outside and you are cosy in the feels safe and comforting somehow. I love the sound of rain and also the scent of the air after heavy rain on a hot day.
Saturday was a lazy day catching up on chores and a little work. It rained nearly all day but then became sunny later, so we went out for coffee and grocery shopping. We ended up getting a huge box of krispy Kreme doughnuts and ate some of them watching the sunset at Meols. The reflections on the water were so amazing!
 I was annoyed because on Friday night there was supposed to be a wonderful meteor shower, but it was so cloudy here in the Wirral that I did not manage to see any shooting stars.
I love star gazing even though I do not know many of the constellations, apart from the well known ones such as Orion (The Hunter), The Plough (or Big Dipper), The Great Bear and Cassiopeia. After that I don't know much, but I would love to learn more. I adore seeing shooting stars and I saw an amazing one the other night from the garden. The best places I have ever been stargazing are the Isle of Mull in Scotland and Anglesey in Wales. There is hardly any light pollution in either of those places and the stars are incredible. Sorry everyone, I have just gone off on a tangent about that! I love the night sky, as I am sure you have gathered by now!

I hope you have all been having a lovely weekend so far. Let me know how you are and what you have been doing. I am overwhelmed by all your lovely comments on each post, I love reading them and I follow back my followers. Leave your links sweeties, so I can check out your blogs!
Hugs from Camille.
 Bailey the dog! 

Thursday night drinks. 

Dinner on Friday evening! I had a veggie burger and the other meal pictured is a mixed grill.

Flooded supermarket car park after the heavy rain!


Saturday night reflections and the sunset.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Turn the page...

 Yes everyone, that old faithful New Look maxi dress, Primark Blazer and sandals and Forever 21 handbag!

 Black and white kimono, £13, Primark.

 Blue patterned kimono, £8, Primark. 

Black maxi dress, £12, Primark.

Lilac/pink kimono, £8, Primark.

 I fell in love with this stunning beaded dress in the window of Monsoon but it was £349 which is quite expensive! 
 Blogging in Starbucks with a Coffee Frappuccino (with an extra shot of Espresso!) 
 A picture I took this Thursday of the boats at Meols, Wirral. It is a pretty area right on the sea. I love to take pictures and filter them in black and white.
I am wearing Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in True Ivory, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeliner, Maybelline The Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara, Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose and Stila Lipgloss in Jolly.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a good week so far. I am having a bit of a mixed one, not all good but not all bad either. I do not know if you guys agree, but life can have challenges and bumps in the road and sometimes it is really hard to understand why or to deal with them. A couple of good friends told me that the most important thing is to stay positive because even when things go wrong, they can quickly go right again too. I think it is important to talk about things of a more serious nature sometimes, because even though this is a light-hearted blog, I have known a lot of people over time (myself included) who sometimes struggle with feeling down and those who suffer from depression. I just want to say that if you ever feel that way, you are certainly not alone and it is more common than you may think. Even people who are seemingly very confident sometimes doubt themselves, even people who seem totally in control of their lives have moments when they are not sure what to do next. It is always a good idea to reach out to a friend, a relative or to see your doctor when you feel very overwhelmed. It really does help to talk these matters through with somebody and to vent your feelings. I hope that was not too heavy a topic for people's taste, but I just want to say that it is ok to feel that way and it is not something which should be hidden. I find reading, going on a walk, watching movies and listening to music really helps me when I am feeling down. 
On to other matters, I wore my beloved maxi dress from New Look with my berry coloured Primark blazer for a meeting in the city. It was raining, so sadly I had to add an umbrella! After the meeting I popped into the Liverpool Primark to browse and I got a few kimonos and a dress, shown above. Yes, everyone who reads this blog knows that I love a good kimono! I just think they look really elegant with a simple vest top, jeans, clutch bag and heels or thrown over a dress. They are so versatile!
I hope you are all ok, I love to read your comments and I follow back my followers. Let me know how you all are and please leave me your blog links! Big kisses, 

Sunday 18 May 2014

Awake my soul...

Above, Saturday morning outfit:
Jeans and T-shirt-Primark
Black sleeveless tuxedo jacket-Warehouse
Bag-Marc B at Topshop

Above, Saturday evening outfit:
Skirt, River island
Top, Primark
Shoes, Zara
Bag, Marc B at Topshop

The party.
Several drinks!
The party was at a farmhouse.
Light and shadows at the party.
The driveway at my parents house. 
 Above picture, a simple Saturday morning make up look using the products in the picture below.
Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream
Seventeen Stay Time Primer
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Shade True Ivory
Rimmel Glam Eyes Eye Liner
Maybelline The Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara , Shade Black
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer
Collection Bronze Glow Matt Bronzer
Stila Lip Glaze in Jolly (not pictured)

 A little water feature at the party.
 A Bellini at dinner on Friday night.
A beautiful chandelier.
A smile, something I do not wear enough!

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a busy but fun one, I went out for dinner on Friday night to my favourite restaurant, then on Saturday I travelled to Derbyshire to see my family and to attend a barbecue for a family friend who was celebrating his 50th birthday. It was a lovely occasion and I enjoyed it so much. There was drinking, food and fun until 3 in the morning. The man who was turning fifty gave such a touching speech about how much he cherished having everybody he loved in the same room. It brought a tear to my eye and reminded me how much the small things in life matter and how much I need to appreciate what I have every single day.
 On a less thoughtful note, I actually committed a fashion sin and wore the same outfit from my last post to the party, just with the addition of a different pair of shoes! I washed the outfit on Saturday morning and luckily it was dry by the afternoon due to the warm sunshine! The other outfit pictured was what I wore Saturday morning to go grocery shopping. I absolutely love going to the supermarket and stocking up on ingredients for new recipes. I always like to buy fresh flowers too, when I can, as they make me so happy.
Please tell me how you all are and what you are up to. I love to read your comments and I follow back my followers. Big hugs!

Camille xo.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Sigh no more...

Skirt-River Island
Bag-Forever 21

Skirt-River Island
Bag-Marc B at Topshop

Hi sweeties, I hope you are all ok. Sorry for the slight delay between posts, I have been so busy with my work as a freelance translator. Here is my latest outfit for you, I got this waterfall skirt from River Island last year and I have it in black too. I love how versatile these type of skirts are and they look cute without being too revealing. I hope you are all ok, comment what you have been up to, I cherish the comments I receive from my lovely readers and I follow back my followers!
Kisses, Camille.

Simple face of the day.
Some of the products I used for the look above.
Dinner at The Wro Bar, West Kirby, Wirral. Delicious!
Have you all tried the new Mocha Coconut Frappuccino at Starbucks? It's amazing!!

Face of the day, I used Rimmel foundation and eyeliner, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Maybelline Concealer, Miss Sporty Lipstick in shade 038 'I Love'. YSL Touche Éclat, Stila lipgloss in Jolly and Topshop cream blush in 'Neon Rose'.