Saturday 20 June 2015

Bierkeller Ice Bar Launch Party...

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a great party at the Bierkeller Liverpool One to celebrate the launch of the new pop-up Coors Light Ice Bar. The Ice Bar will be in the Bierkeller from 19th June until the end of August, so be sure to visit if you get a chance! There are mini curling decks, a life-sized bear ice sculpture and a cool (literally!) bar area inside the Ice Bar. The wonderful party was organised by the amazing Paul Knowles of PK Agency who always creates brilliant parties and events. 
This was the coolest party in town and everyone had an absolute ball. After being given our VIP wristbands, there were delicious champagne cocktails and French Martinis to enjoy on the outdoor terrace. The Dutch Flower Shop had created stunning floral displays for the event and there was live music. We feasted on gourmet canapes and bespoke Ice Bar cupcakes which were so delicious. After enjoying the party downstairs, guests had the chance to get sub zero in the Ice Bar upstairs. We were given special silver capes to wear to protect us from the cold and inside the Ice Bar we enjoyed vodka shots and admired the surroundings. Everything inside the Ice Bar is made from ice, even the seats and the stunning bar took several days to build! I can't wait to share a few photographs from the event with you all.

Wonderful flowers from The Dutch Flower Shop decorated the party.

After enjoying delicious canapes and cocktails we had the chance to visit the Ice Bar which was such an amazing experience! Guests enjoyed meeting the ice bear and sipping on sub zero shots before having a go on the mini curling decks!

Inside the amazing Ice Bar 

 Guests sipped sub zero shots in the bar.

X Factor star Chris Maloney with writer and model Jade Ainsworth. It was lovely to chat to you again Jade!

Layla Flaherty with PR entrepreneur Ryan Mira. Ryan is such a lovely guy, and we had a fab catch up on the terrace. 

Celebrity Chelsey Harwood who I had the pleasure of meeting. She was so lovely and we had a gossip about hair salons for a few minutes! 

Big Brother star and celebrity Mark Byron with model Layla Flaherty. I have met Mark before and he is so lovely. 
The lovely Tom Stockton with Melissa Taylor 

The beautiful Amanda Harrington, who is a successful model. 

 Delicious canapes!

 Cocktails and wine flowed during the amazing party. 

Delicious bespoke cupcakes.

It was such a lovely event and everybody enjoyed the fabulous party so much. It was a real pleasure to check out the exciting new Ice Bar and this will be the coolest place to have a drink in Liverpool throughout the summer. Visiting the Coors Light Ice Bar is definitely an amazing experience! I had a lovely time catching up my friend Hana Pablo who has a great blog, please check her out at where you will find so many fab pieces to read! 

So that is all from me for now, what do you all think, would you like to visit the Ice Bar and enjoy the cool surroundings? I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

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