Friday 22 January 2016

Aloft Liverpool Emoji launch...

You know those cute little icons with which we pepper our text messages these days, those little yellow faces which are everywhere...yes I am of course talking about Emoji. The adorable icons have taken the world by storm and I was thrilled to be invited along to the Aloft Hotel in Liverpool this week for the launch of the world's first Emoji room service. Yes, you read that right! The groundbreaking TiGi (text it, get it) concept is so cool. It means that guests at Aloft Liverpool will be able to order a fun selection of items from room service via text from the Aloft TiGi Emoji Room Service Menu. This is such a fun idea and it  means that guests just text the corresponding emojis from the Aloft TiGi Emoji Room Service Menu to the hotel TiGi phone line, along with their room number, to receive their chosen goodies. I am so impressed by this innovation and I think that it will make staying at Aloft even more indulgent than usual! I love exciting new concepts such as this and I think it strikes the right balance between being fun and useful at the same time.

We were invited to a special media preview night, to showcase the new service  which involved an array of different Emoji themed events to get us in the Emoji mood! We were welcomed with plenty of Prosecco in the hotel bar area, which was festooned with emoji balloons (which were so cute I wanted to take them home!) We enjoyed  the work of local artists given the opportunity to showcase their work in a three day exhibition called Emoji Exhibit. Artists include Graphic Designer, James Traynor who has designed a retro animated Emoji Pacman. Oh my goodness, I have always loved Pacman so I thought that an Emoji version was the best thing ever!
Also on display was a stylish emoji dress by fashion designer Heather Orr and emoji Shakespeare by graphic designer Jamie Rector. I really admire the Aloft philosophy of supporting new and emerging creative artistic talent, giving artists a platform to showcase their work is such a great initiative.

After enjoying some drinks and the chance to chat with other guests for a while, we were whisked upstairs to enjoy a yoga display, which previewed the upcoming classes which will take place as part of the Emoji themed events. Aloft Liverpool guests will be invited to take part in a free Emoji Yoga class with Liverpool Yoga Studios, with poses and routines designed to help weary travellers recover from fatigue or business related stress. This is a great idea as travelling can just be so tiring, and yoga is a good way to relax and switch off your mind.

Back downstairs we were  led to a beautifully decorated long table in the NYL Restaurant, where we were treated to platters of Emoji afternoon tea. Emoji cupcakes decorated our place settings, along with amazing goodie bags featuring treats from Urban Decay and Peaches and Cream.

We sipped delicious rum punch and martinis as we chatted and tucked in to the delicious platters including buffalo wings, pizza and mini cheeseburger. We were also treated to a choice of teas to accompany the cocktails and food, so I opted for a traditional English tea which went perfectly with the selection of cakes including chocolate chip cookie, Victoria sponge, doughnut and an Emoji cake.

After a lovely catch up chat with the Head Chef of NYL Restaurant, we headed through to the bar again for some more of the amazing martinis and live music from the band who performed a brilliant live set to mark the occasion!

The whole evening was so much fun and we had a blast enjoying the various Emoji themed exhibits and activities and of course  the delicious cocktails and food. Thank you so much to Aloft Hotel Liverpool and 20ten Entertainment for inviting me along to such a super evening. I am more in love with Emojis now than ever before! 

What do you all think do you like the idea of an Emoji room service menu and and Emoji themed afternoon tea? Would you like to stay at Aloft Liverpool and experience this groundbreaking concept?

As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

Until next time,




  1. Thank you Isabelle, likewise have a lovely weekend!

    Best Wishes,

    Camille xo

  2. I love the idea of an emoji themed afternoon tea, the poo cake thing is just hysterical!! So funny! Looks like a good night :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

  3. All the cocktails and food looks amazing!

  4. I love this!! How fun. I dont think i could eat the poo cake though, did not look edible haha!!
    Great Post

  5. Love the band with the masks, what a creative way to promote themselves. Cakes look so good too!

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. What a wonderful event! There're emojis everywhere, even on the cupcakes :) Everything looks great, I hope you had a good time there :) x

  7. What a fun concept! I love that the hotel has such a great sense of humour!

  8. So fun! Those cupcakes and cocktails look amazing!

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  10. Emoji everywhere!! Hahah I love it ♥ and the poo cakeee soo cool !!