Monday 9 February 2015

Monday Morsel: Grilled Cheese

Sometimes in life we all get days when we feel a little bit under the weather for no apparent reason, and today is one such day for me. I have been so busy lately reviewing restaurants and travelling here and there, and all of the running around has left me feeling a bit burned out. I am definitely somebody who takes comfort in good food, and there is one thing which never fails to cheer me up when I am feeling a little bit jaded. We are talking the perfect combination of crispy bread and oozing melted cheese, yes everybody, the humble Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
 Even though this is clearly such a simple thing to make (I am not vying for a Michelin Star just yet!) it has so many comforting attributes that it cannot be ignored when you feel a little frayed around the edges. In fact, if there was a chart dedicated to the best quick dishes which provide an instant mood -lift, this would definitely be in the top five! Best of all, it takes barely five minutes to make. Simple, satisfying and speedy, what could be better?

What you need:

Two slices of bread per sandwich.
Butter-spread (e.g. Clover).
Cheese slices, such as Dutch Gouda (one large slice per sandwich).
A non stick frying pan/skillet.
A sharp knife to cut the sandwich.
Tongs or spatula to ‘flip’ the sandwich.


Butter the bread and place a cheese slice on it, and then sandwich it together. Preheat a non-stick frying pan/skillet over a medium heat. Butter one side of the sandwich on the outside and place it, butter side down in the pre-heated pan. If you have got the temperature just right, the sandwich will sizzle a little as you place it in the pan. Carefully spread a layer of butter on the top of the sandwich too, so that it will sizzle and brown when flipped. Remember, we are going for that classic golden brown, crunchy grilled cheese sandwich here! Cook the sandwich on one side for about two-three minutes, Turn it over to cook the non-cooked side. When you flip it, it should look golden and crispy, meaning all of that delicious cheese within is melting into a molten volcano of ecstasy!

Meanwhile, if you desire, heat some of your favorite canned soup in another non-stick pan. I used the classic Heinz cream of tomato soup. The combination of cheese and tomato is hard to beat when it comes to comfort food, after all!

 Make a cheese sandwich.

 Fire up the hob to a medium heat.

 Butter the outside of the sandwich on one side. Place in pan butter side down. Listen to the sizzle! Carefully butter the top side of the sandwich too as it lies in the pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes per side.

 Flip the sandwich to cook the non-cooked side. This is the golden colour and crispy texture we are looking for when we flip the sandwich.

 Meanwhile, heat soup if desired.

 Slice the sandwich in two and serve alongside a bowl of soup. Season the soup with a little black pepper and single cream if desired.

'Steam: There's no need to be afraid'. 
Bonus points if you remember the song lyric I am referring to... ;)

Melted, moreish perfection!

It would be rude not to dip at least a corner of the sandwich in the soup! After all, these two are a match made in heaven :)

Bowl: Alessi
Spoon: Alessi
Square Plate: Tesco Finest

Here are a few extra tips to bear in mind when making the perfect Grilled Cheese. Either white or wholemeal bread is fine. The cheeses which I find to work particularly well are Gouda, Mature Cheddar and Jarlsberg. These all seem to melt to stringy perfection. If you want to make a more gourmet version, try using Sourdough bread which works so well, and smear a little green pesto or tomato puree over the butter in the sandwich before placing the cheese on it. This creates either a Grilled Cheese/Pesto Melt or a Grilled Cheese/Tomato Melt. Of course, if you wish, sliced ham or even Chorizo could also go on it to create a heartier version. Enjoy!

Do you guys have a favourite comfort food? Remember, I love to read your sweet comments and I follow back my followers.
Thank you for reading this post! 

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    1. Thank you very much, they are delicious :)

      Camille xo

  2. Mmm that looks so yummy and it seems quite easy to make. Gotta try sometime :)

    1. Thank you very much Andy, they are yummy and so easy to make :)

      Camille xo

  3. Yummy. I love grilled chesse. :3

    1. Thank you Aleksandar, I love grilled cheese too ;-)

      Camille xo

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  5. I love grilled cheese! I have never tried this with gouda cheese but I'm liking your thinking! Love your blog and photos :) Will definitely keep an eye out for your next post xo ..

  6. Easy and good!! It goes perfectly for me today since I'm a little down!! Now you have make me hungry!! ;)


  7. I've been obsessed with grilled cheese! I've had it 4 days in a row. So delicious!

  8. ohh yummy! looks so good perfect comfort food

  9. Looks so good


  10. I love that you used gouda. So tasty, right? Somehow tomato soup goes perfectly with grilled cheese. Have a fantastic week!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  11. That looks amazing! I love love love grilled cheese, but I haven't had one in ages! I really love your pictures by the way :) x
    Eden x / edenroses

  12. mniam, mniam! :)

  13. Love the idea of "Monday Morsel". This is an all time favorite food combination for me on a rainy/cold day. And the picture of the steam coming from the bowl nearly made me melt. Talk about food porn!
    Enclothed Cognition

  14. Love grill cheese and tomato soup, it's a FAV during cold day.

  15. Grilled cheese and tomato soup...ALWAYS PERFECT! That is one of my comfort foods, as is my mom's chicken noodle soup! Yum! Can't wait to see more of your eats!!!

    be the plebeian

  16. I can't remember the last time I had a good old cheese sandwich! I like biscuits or cake for comfort but thankfully I don't need them very often haha!

    Kay xx

  17. Oh...and it was East 17 right? ;)

    Kay xxx

  18. Awesome comfort food :)
    Thanks for sharing

    Hayley x

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  20. I have tried this before!!! It is my fav!! Thanks for sharing! xx