Tuesday 28 April 2015

Photo diary, a weekend in Anglesey...

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all having a great week. I have been away for a few days so I thought it would be nice to share my trip with you. Anglesey in Wales will always be a very special place to me. The island is very beautiful, offering a mix of stunning beaches, forests and scenery which is simply breathtaking. I have been going there on holiday for many years, and I find that it is the best place on earth to unwind and just forget about the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I was thrilled to return there on this weekend away and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.There is nothing better than going away for a few days, the excitement of packing and hitting the road is just so much fun. Judging by the amount of luggage I took with me, you would have thought I was going on holiday for three weeks instead of three nights. Typical of me!

We were lucky enough to stay at our friends cottage which is not far from Newborough beach, famous for the beautiful Llanddwyn Island which was once said to be inhabited by Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, You can follow her footsteps across the island and even make a wish at the enchanted well. There is a lovely lighthouse which boasts amazing views over the Menai Straits too, towards the Snowdonia mountain range. The cottage is cosy and quaint with exposed wooden beams, flagstone floors and a wood burning stove.

I made us a cooked breakfast to give us plenty of fuel for a day walking on the beach. Well, if you can't have an indulgent breakfast when you are on holiday when can you?! These sausages were vegetarian and they were so delicious. I love having a long and leisurely breakfast because it is a real treat to spend ages cooking and eating without having to rush.

 This amazing sky was just breathtaking and I could not wait to share it with you all. 

Newborough forest boasts an amazing array of wildlife. We were fortunate enough to see a woodpecker and there are many red squirrels living in the forest, as well as ravens which have the most haunting and beautiful call. It is so soothing to get back to nature when you lead a busy life, and would recommend a trip to Anglesey for anybody in need of some peace and tranquility. 

I love travelling around and exploring places, and there are so many beautiful beaches on the island which just beg you to throw a flask of coffee and a picnic in the car and go off for the day, pulling up at wherever catches your eye! Apart from Llanddwyn beach, my other favourite is called Porth Trecastell or 'Cable Bay'. I love to watch the waves crashing in and there are often surfers and body boarders in the bay. There is a beautiful walk to the top of the cliffs, where you can see right out to sea for miles and visit the Neolithic Barclodiad y Gawres Burial Chamber which has an amazingly spiritual atmosphere. It is simply incredible to think that thousands of years ago people built the burial chamber, and there are carved decorative stones inside.

Porth Trecastell or Cable Bay 
There are ponies roaming Llanddwyn Island which are a delight to see!

Llanddwyn Beach 

 Just one of the captivating sunsets on this trip! After staying out late in the evening, we felt cold and hungry and in need of the only food which does the trick when you need a massive dose of comfort food. Yes, you guessed it, pasta! These three cheese tortellini were delicious and of course, we had to wash our meal down with a bottle of wine too! 

The next day we went for a trip to The Church in the Sea. I love visiting this historic church and it is so picturesque.

The Church in the Sea or St Cwyfan's is situated on a tidal island

The historic Church in the Sea is well worth a visit for the stunning scenery and tranquility.

It was great to spend time just relaxing during the trip, we went on lots of picnics on the beach and we relaxed by reading The Sunday Times whilst sitting on the sand. Bliss! The weekend was over too soon because I had a work event on Monday evening, so we had to leave on Monday afternoon. but we made the most of every second and we cannot wait to return again soon.

 Reading The Times on the beach with a cup of coffee was perfect.

The lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island is so pretty.

So that is all from me for now, have you all been away recently or do you have any exciting travel plans to share with me? I love to read about what you are all up to, so please let me know.
Many thanks for reading this post!

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