Sunday 13 September 2015

Brasserie Tapas and Grill at Thornton Hall Hotel...

Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa is a luxurious enclave of peace and tranquility, surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside. I was fortunate enough to stay there before earlier this year and I had the pleasure of dining at The Lawns, the fine dining restaurant headed up by the talented chef Matt Worswick who is set to appear on the BBC show Great British Menu this coming week (more on that soon...!) I was delighted to return to the hotel this weekend to experience their other dining venue, (where Matt Worswick also oversees the menu development) Brasserie Tapas and Grill*.
Offering a relaxed and informal convivial style of dining, the Brasserie menu consists of a varied selection of tapas and sharing plates, as well as daily specials and Grill dishes such as barbecued rump steak and grilled sea trout to satisfy even the biggest appetites.
We arrived just as the sun had broken through the thick grey clouds, just in time to enjoy the picturesque scenery in all its glory. 
A warm welcome ensued at the Brasserie, and we were led to a table which gave us a great view of the outdoor terrace and the verdant lawns beyond. 

Our knowledgeable host talked us through the menu as we sipped a crisp white wine which was chilled to perfection. We were advised to order two to three tapas style dishes per person, and the range on offer was excellent with a wide selection of both meat and vegetarian dishes available alongside charcuterie boards. To start with, we pondered ordering bread with oils and nibbles such as spicy toasted broad beans or salted almonds, but in the end we opted for a special of trio of Bruschette which were excellent. The bread was crispy and fresh and the toppings of tuna, mozzarella and sundried tomato and Parma ham were full of flavour. This was a light and refreshing way to start the meal, or rather the feast which was to follow! 

We chose a range of dishes to share; braised quinoa and smoked chicken salad was Mediterranean and flavoursome, and the lightness of this dish was balanced by decadently delicious croquettes, filled with Manchego cheese and Parma ham and chorizo respectively. The second portion of croquettes were a chefs special and they were perfect. Anything involving melted cheese is fine by me, and these croquettes were divine, with crispy golden breadcrumbs which gave way to a smooth and moreish filling whilst a bed of watercress provided a perfectly peppery contrast.

 Braised quinoa and smoked chicken salad 

We had two portions of croquettes, Manchego cheese and Parma ham and a chorizo filled chefs special. 

 Spicy chorizo 

Grilled halloumi

Spicy chorizo which was served with focaccia was a piquant treat which conjured up sitting on a sunny terrace in Barcelona, whilst the grilled halloumi was buttery with a light and creamy flavour.  I know that the whole ethos of the meal was sharing, but there was no way I was sharing the butternut squash risotto with anybody! I adore risotto and I found this to be the best I have ever tasted. The arborio rice was perfectly cooked in a rich sauce with a little melted cheese and a kick of pepper whilst the chunks of butternut squash added a satisfying sweetness. This was pure comfort food, hearty and soothing in equal measure and something I could happily eat every day.

Butternut squash risotto with sage 

Trio of bruschette 

After this gargantuan feast of delightful dishes, it was time for dessert and we decided to share the cheeseboard and a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce. The cheeseboard was excellent, with goat's cheese, Manchego, cheddar and stilton, served with a tangy and sweet tomato jam. 

Cheese board with biscuits

The chocolate brownie  was irresistibly rich and dense, with a slightly gooey texture which suggested that it had just come out of the oven. The vanilla ice cream complemented it perfectly and this sinful dessert provided the perfectly sweet note upon which to end a lovely meal.

Chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce

The Brasserie Tapas and Grill is a delightful place for a meal, with excellent service and sumptuous food. The menu makes this the ideal choice for a convivial meal with friends or for an evening out, offering a continental style of dining which gives you plenty to share with your companions. Every dish was beautifully created, with a keen eye for flavour combinations and excellent produce which are the hallmarks of Matt Worswick. We had a lovely meal and afterwards we retired to the swimming pool and then watched the sunset from one of the hot tubs. It was such a wonderful day and the Brasserie Tapas and Grill is a restaurant I would highly recommend to everyone, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, stylish interior design and superb menu. A big thank you to everyone at Thornton Hall Hotel for such an amazing day! 

Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa 
Neston Road, 
Thornton Hough, 
CH63 1JF

0151 336 3938    

What  do you all think, would you like to share some of the delicious dishes at the Brasserie Tapas and Grill? Which would be your favourite of these dishes? As always I can't wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

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I was invited to experience the Brasserie Tapas & Grill. The meal was complimentary for review purposes. All opinions expressed herein are my own and honest. 


  1. So fresh and colorful - looks delicious!

  2. Wow everything looks so yummy, especially that cheese board and chocolate brownie. Great review!

  3. sounds like a great hotel

  4. Big mistake opening your post, now i'm hungry! they look scrumptious

    1. Thank you Bunmi :) sorry to make you hungry though!

      Best Wishes

      Camille xo

  5. Beautiful pictures of the Brasserie Tapas and Grill. Everything looks like its cooked to perfection. What a time you must have had eating all these delicious foods. Thanks for sharing. :)