Thursday 12 May 2016

Petiscos at Fazenda....

One aspect of writing about food which I love, is having the chance to try new foods which I have not eaten before. I have dined at Fazenda Rodizio Bar and Grill in Liverpool in the past, in fact it was one of the first restaurants I wrote about for this blog, so it was a pleasure to be invited along to sample some of their new Petiscos menu last week. Petiscos are essentially the Portuguese and Brazilian equivalent of tapas. Food served in portions ideal to share, a small plates concept which means that if you are out having a few drinks at Fazenda, you can easily order some food without having the full seated Rodizio experience Fazenda is renowned for.

We arrived on a sunny afternoon and the outdoor terrace was full of people soaking up the afternoon sun. Fazenda is located in Liverpool’s Exchange Flags, a well-proportioned square situated behind the Town Hall in the heart of the business district of the city.
We took our seats at a table in the bar area which gave us a great view of the Town Hall as we browsed the menu. First on the table were sumptuous Pão de queijo, fluffy dough balls filled with mild cheese with a slightly spicy dip on the side.

These were a great dish to start the meal and I could happily have gone on eating these all day. Next up was Picantonas, these spicy sweet potato wedges topped with a sour cream dressing delivered heaps of flavour and a fiery zing which I loved.

Tropeiro, sausages with black beans topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg was another taste sensation and I imagine this would make the perfect brunch dish served with some of the Pão de queijo. I loved the way the spicy sausage combined with the egg yolk and the black beans rounded this off well.

A slate of Picanha sliders arrived, beautifully presented mini burgers in doughy little buns with a fiery topping. These were bitesized treats which delivered an exciting taste combination.

We enjoyed cassava chips, which were crisp on the outside with a fluffy texture on the inside, perfectly paired with a spicy dip. These reminded me of polenta chips in texture and they were ideal to share.

Coxinhas, crunchy croquettes filled with beef were just melt in the mouth and so moreish. The flavour of these was also rich and slightly smoky, I would imagine they would go well with a nice glass of red or two!

We were thoroughly spoiled by the selection of savoury Petiscos, and there was still dessert to enjoy. A brown paper bag of some of the best churros I have ever tried arrived. Still warm, filled with chocolate inside and served with a rich melted chocolate dipping sauce. Bliss.

Lastly, Brigadeiros were served to us in a box, balls of fudge rolled in chocolate and chilled. Oh my goodness, no other words are needed!

I was enraptured by the wide selection of flavours we experienced and every dish was excellent, I can see that Petiscos and drinks at Fazenda will quickly become a new favourite on the Liverpool dining scene, especially now that summer is finally here!

Horton House,
Exchange Flags,
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What do you all think, do you like the idea of Petiscos and which of these dishes would you like to try? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

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  1. Yum! What delectable munchies -- especially those desserts ;)