Thursday 16 March 2017

The Daniel Wellington Classic Petite...

It is always a pleasure to bring some style content to the blog and I am pleased to share with you the new elegant timepiece from Daniel Wellington, the Classic Petite*. The watch was recently launched globally and it is a new addition to their range, with a 32mm dial which makes it the ideal choice to take you from day to night as the smaller dial makes it the perfect addition to any outfit. I can see that it will quickly become one of my favourite watches to wear on a daily basis because it is understated and perfect for meetings and work events. 

The Classic Petite is available in either silver mesh strap with white dial or black dial, or rose gold mesh strap with black dial or white dial. I love rose gold accessories and you all know I love to wear black, so I selected the rose gold strap with a black dial. I love the sleek and minimal design of this and I have already been wearing it so much. Use my discount code COCOCAMI to get 15% discount on the website: 

Having a new classic timepiece to wear got me thinking about time in general and what a relative concept it is; it's funny how things which we want to go swiftly tend to drag whereas the opposite is true of good times because they always seem to go quickly. 

On a serious note, life passes by so rapidly which is why it is important to make the most of every moment and try to be happy as much as we can. I think a pretty watch is a great addition to any wardrobe because a sophisticated timepiece goes with every outfit and adds a finishing touch to each look. The #DWClassicPetite is a striking watch and I will be wearing it so much from now on. 

On the subject of time, I thought I would share with you a couple of things which I enjoy doing during my free time:

Settling down with a good book is something I do not have time for often these days, but I love to snuggle up and read a book at night and my Kindle library just keeps growing. 

I love rap and RnB music and one of my favourite memories is seeing The Game live in Manchester. I listen to music all day long and I always have my headphones with me. 

Eating and drinking 
This is obviously no surprise to regular readers of this blog, but the pleasure of good food and drink is one I really treasure in life and delicious food and drink can make the simplest moment seem special. 

Long walks
I don’t get to spend as much time outdoors as I would like, so going for a long walk in the fresh air is one way I love to unwind whenever I can. I grew up living in a farmhouse surrounded by fields, so being in the countryside makes me very happy. 

Spending time with the family pets
My family have a pet sheep, horse, cat and dog and spending time with them makes me smile and relaxes me. Growing up in the countryside, I was always surrounded by animals. I love them so much and I go home as often as possible to see them. 

Having a long bubble bath or doing a mini facial at home always makes my evening relaxation time so much better. 

As a writer, this goes without saying, but pouring out my thoughts in to written words is not only work for me but also something which makes me happy. As well as the food and drink articles I write, I also enjoy writing fiction. 

I love to travel and discovering new places is always a pleasure, I am looking forward to getting away on a couple of breaks this year. 

Above all, time is so precious and it is important to spend some of it doing the things we enjoy. I am pleased to have a stylish new watch to get me through those times when I am running around and the Classic Petite makes me feel ready for busy days! 

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What do you like to do to unwind during your free time and what do you think of the new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post. 

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*The Classic Petite was sent to me by Daniel Wellington. Opinions expressed herein are my own and honest. 


  1. OMG, that DW is soooooo perfect!
    xoxo, Colli
    beautyblog tobeyoutiful

  2. This is such a cute watch!

  3. Great post love! That watch is beautiful and would go perfect with just about any outfit. I have a watch I wear everyday because it's so functional. I would do the same with this watch.


  4. What a cool post! I just got my petite watch from DW and love it. These pics are perfect.

  5. I love that this watch almost looks more like a bracelet instead of a time piece!! It's just gorgeous!

  6. that watch is beautiful! I have a similar one & it's perfect for spring.

    xx, Itzy l Instagram

  7. I am the same with readings! I actually promised myself not to buy anymore books until I finished reading everything I bought but that promise is so hard to keep, don't you think?

    I could relate to you so much in this post, writing also helps me in so many ways as well and I feel like I release all my feelings through it.

    Really admire this blog post, thank you for sharing this <3
    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog