Sunday 30 November 2014

Wrap me in your arms...

Hi everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend!  I have been in Derbyshire, where I have spent the weekend visiting my family again. We have had a wonderful time catching up, going for nice long walks in the fresh air and feasting on delicious food!
On Saturday before I left for Derbyshire, I received a very special parcel from Sunglasses Shop*. I tore open the packaging like an excited child, to reveal the most beautiful pair of dark brown Polaroid Sunglasses*. They are polarised sunglasses and they are just so cool, I am delighted Sunglasses Shop allowed me to review them, so thank you very much to them! They are such a classic style of sunglasses, that I immediately envisaged wearing them with a jeans, t-shirt and heels outfit. I threw this Nirvana T-Shirt and Forever 21 kimono on to give the outfit some edge, and I was ready to go out to lunch with my family. Lunch means pizza of course, you all know me too well by now!

I love Guerlain Terracotta bronzer at the moment, and coral coloured lipstick!

 I love these sunglasses so much!

Sunglasses-Polaroid at The Sunglasses Shop*
 Kimono-Forever 21
Shoes, jeans, t-shirt and hat-Primark

You can find these babies here:

I don’t know if you agree, but to me there is nothing like a pair of designer sunglasses to make a girl feel special. Sure, like anybody else I have several pairs of sunglasses from high-street shops which are fun to accessorise with, but a designer pair can really pull an outfit together and make you feel that little bit more self-assured. Let’s face it, most Hollywood stars never leave the house without their sunglasses and I can see why. They look chic and at the same time they hide a multitude of sins. Out partying for way too long the night before? Just throw you shades on the next day to hide the shadows under your eyes! Polarised sunglasses are a worthwhile investment because they really protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, so there is a good excuse to treat yourself as if you needed any encouragement! It is amazing how a pair of sunglasses can completely transform an outfit. I always carry a pair with me, even in winter. In my opinion, people always look more alluring wearing sunglasses, because they add an element of mystery to your face!
These polarised sunglasses are the nicest I have ever owned. They have patterns on the arms and a chic little ‘Polaroid’ logo. In fact, at £50 they would make an ideal Christmas gift for your mum, your sister, your best friend...or even just a gift to you from, well, yourself! 

 You can search for your own chic pair of Sunglasses Shop sunglasses here:

Here is the link for the exact pair I am wearing:

So here is a quick roundup of some other photos from the weekend. There was a quick stop for coffee on the journey to Derbyshire. I have to say, I really think the Costa Christmas cups are so cute! I managed to resist buying a cake to go with it, even though the Belgian Chocolate Tiffin looked seriously tempting. Mmmm! There was such a spectacular sunset on Sunday evening in Derbyshire, the colours were just incredible, so I have included a picture of that too. We also went out for a curry on Saturday night, but I will include the pictures from that in another post, as there was so much good food to show you! 

Coffee on the way to Derbyshire!

 Delicious cakes at Costa!


The spectacular sunset.

So that is about all from me for now, it  has been a fun and tiring weekend and I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by my family and my pets, enjoying good food and good company. I am so excited about the direction my blog is taking at the moment, working with brands and getting to do new and exciting things. I want to say another big thank you to each and every one of you lovely readers. Remember, I love to read your sweet comments and I follow back my followers. 

Until next time,
 Camille xo

*This item is marked with an asterisk to denote that it was provided to me on a complimentary basis  for review. Although I did not purchase this item, all opinions are my own and honest. 


  1. Nice sunglasses! Good to know you had a great time with your family. You always look nice.

  2. Beautiful sunset! Loving the xmas costa cups getting in the christmas spirit

  3. Awesome outfit, love the kimono. Great sunglasses and beautiful photos. That pizza looks delicious!


  4. Those are beautiful glasses. I really love them.
    Bright Shiny Day

  5. You look very beautiful and hot, dear!! Wow, the sunset is outstnding!!!

    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL || Bloglovin

  6. Lovely post. Really really love those sunglasses!

  7. Really cool sunglasses!! Anf this sunset: BREATHTAKING!
    You look like a ★!


  8. thank you for your comment on my blog! your outfit is really cool & love your hair! also, those cakes... yum! *_*

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    how would you like to follow eachother? We are already following you!!
    Mo & ikram

  10. The sunglasses look awesome one you. Also the coffee cups are to cute.

  11. Wow – love this look! You look absolutly stunning and your hair is amazing!
    Would wear the outfit, too and I want all the products in my closet!
    I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going! ♥ ♥

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  13. What floral kimono looks lovely on you! And how is your outing that pizza looks delish!!:) xo~ Lena

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  15. What a fun day! I adore those sunnies, they are perfect.

  16. Derby is beautiful, such a lovely part of the world and looks like you have enjoyed being back with family. I always think that sunglasses are a investment but well and they last ages but most importantly they protect your eyes these look lovely on Lucy

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    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  18. Beautiful! Love your style. And happy December :)

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