Monday 1 February 2016

Dinner at Miss Kitty's...

You know how it is, December is that time of the year when we all have an excuse to eat and drink practically all the time (not that I ever need an excuse, just saying!), but when January comes around it is often the case that we can feel a little bad for having overindulged during the Holiday season.
I am no exception to this rule, and my January guilt was in full swing so I was delighted to be asked along to a press dinner to launch a new and healthy menu last week at one of my favourite restaurants, Miss Kitty’s in Liverpool. Miss Kitty’s is such a cool little hideout, with an aesthetic inspired by Chinese opium dens! Think lots of wood panelling, low lights, neon signs, bird cages and ornamental flowers which all serve to create a feeling of the forbidden and of the exotic. We arrived for the press dinner on a wet and windy evening, but upon entering the restaurant we were swept in to another world, with fragrant incense filling the air mingling with the aroma of irresistible food which transported us to Shanghai. 

We took our seats around a spacious square table with bench style seating where we sipped refreshing Jasmine tea served in a pretty ornamental tea set as we settled in for the meal. Before long, talented Executive Chef Luis came over to chat to us all about the menu delights we would be sampling and he explained that the menu had been designed with a slightly healthier feel in mind, with a nod to the detox which many people feel in need of at this time of year.

During the course of the evening we were also treated to refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails with coconut water, ginger, coriander, mint and lime. These were so good and you can also order them with alcohol if you are in the mood to party! 

The lovely Luis was on hand to talk us through the dishes during the evening, and to guide us through some of the inspiration behind the healthy options. The selection of items we sampled had been created using quality ingredients with health benefits in mind, whilst still retaining the usual tastiness associated with Chinese food. I love the idea of such a health conscious way of indulging in one of my favourite foods! 

In no time at all the table was groaning under the weight of delicious food, with the first dish consisting of ramen served with all the separate components arrayed in little dishes. Luis explained to us how to compile the dish to our preference and top it with the accompanying broth which was served in special kettles. We had fun making up the bowls of ramen and topping them with tender poached chicken. In all honesty I am not the most adept person when it comes to the use of chopsticks, but I ploughed on regardless and got the hang of them a little more as the night went on! The ramen were so good, with a wealth of flavours from the crispy vegetables, soft noodles, chicken, chillies and egg. 

Next it was time for a tempting platter of Nigiri, featuring varieties such as vegetable roll, tuna with caviar and also a keta caviar variety. I have tried keta caviar before but it still amazes me how much incredible fish flavour bursts forth from these little amber pearls! The Nigiri were irresistible, with perfectly sticky rice and delicate flavours complemented by an inky bowl of soy sauce to dip them in to.

We were treated to a cold beef noodle salad, which was superbly light in terms of flavour profiles, with plenty of crunchy texture and tender strips of beef. This served as an ideal intermediate course to balance the richness of the Nigiri and I could easily imagine this cold beef noodle salad would make a superb lighter option for an evening meal. 

We were so fortunate to try so many delicious dishes during the evening, and the 6oz aged Scottish filet steak in soy and molasses drew gasps of approval, with a sweet and slightly smoky flavour to the steak which was complemented by a fresh Asian style salad and finely sliced chilli. 

The pan fried sea bass with Asian vegetables was another firm favourite with the guests, as the slightly sweet flavour of the sea bass contrasted well with the tangy vegetables, creating a light and satisfying dish.
We were eagerly anticipating the next course as we were informed that it would be dim sum and I must say I have a weakness for dim sum and could eat them every day given the chance! 
Three baskets were placed on the table, brimming with steamed meat, seafood and vegetarian dim sum. There were gyoza and various dumplings filled with succulent prawns, pork and tasty vegetables to enjoy. Talk about spoiled for choice! These were served with more dipping sauces such as sweet chilli and a side of pickled ginger which was so good! 

I found the dim sum so tasty and I loved the selection. I think that dim sum always make such an ideal meal to share and these were just so light and full of flavour. The idea with this menu was to create Chinese dishes which leave out all of those nasty things such as MSG and you can really taste the difference. I loved the fact that these dishes all had clean flavours which were really crisp and easy to detect; instead of sensory overload each taste was able to shine in its own right and the result was really enjoyable, a total revelation in terms of Chinese food. 

After a long and fun evening it was finally time to bid Miss Kitty's a fond farewell, after we had enjoyed such an extended meal with so many tempting courses. I think the idea of devising a healthy Chinese menu is genius because this is certainly a time of year when we all feel a little more conscious of wanting to be healthy, preferably whilst still enjoying our favourite foods. It was such a pleasure to preview these new dishes, which I think will be hugely popular. 

Miss Kitty's
5 Fleet Street
L1 4AR

0151 709 3579

What do you all think, do you like the idea of a healthy take on Chinese food and which of these dishes would you all choose to sample first? As always, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post! 

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  1. All those dishes look wonderful, no idea what I'd try first! I'm a big fan of healthy Chinese cuisine, it's probably one of my favourite diets.

  2. Wow every thing is yummy :)

  3. Hmm now I'm craving chinese food, haha!

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  4. I love the oriental vibe of this place and the healthy food looks perfect for January!

  5. That nigiri plate looks amazing!

  6. That looks so yummy and the restaurant looks so inviting and stylish.

  7. I adore this entire post with all your photos. You really had me when you introduced that cocktail that looks so refreshing! A fun night!

    Love, Mary

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