Tuesday 15 March 2016

Meeting Charlotte Tilbury...

It is always great to get the chance to do something a little different and last week I was thrilled to receive an invitation to meet none other than Charlotte Tilbury at the unveiling of her second Project Confidence video. Project Confidence is designed to reflect the core values of the brand, showing essentially that all women can have their own red carpet moment and use make up to feel amazing.

The press event was held at John Lewis in Liverpool One and I went along feeling excited at the thought of meeting this inspirational make-up artist who has long been world renowned and who has worked with international stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz as well as practically every high profile model, magazine and photographer you can think of.

We were whisked in through the side entrance and taken upstairs to a private room which was set up with a huge table decorated with displays of amazing Charlotte Tilbury make up products. Talk about eye candy! The Charlotte Tilbury team were on hand ready to demonstrate the products which are gorgeously packaged in a vintage style fit to adorn the dressing table of any silver screen starlet.

Vases of roses decorated the room and there was a table of delicious treats on hand including dainty sandwiches, cakes and macarons to keep us going. There was a sense of anticipation in the room as we helped ourselves to a drink and gathered at the table, eager to meet the lady herself. Before long, Charlotte swept in to the room and we were all thrilled to meet her in person as she greeted each of us personally and took her place at the head of the table. 

The screening of the second Project Confidence video was so enjoyable, the concept behind it is all about empowering people through make up. In this case the video was centered on making bride Claire feel beautiful and confident for her wedding day, by giving her and her future Mother in Law Yvonne a makeover on the big day. The whole ethos of Project Confidence is that if you look good you will feel good and thus the world will react to you more positively due to this innate confidence. It was fascinating to further examine how much make up can have an impact on our self-esteem. Speaking personally, make up definitely makes me feel better and I always feel more capable and ready to face the world when I am wearing it. I think of make up as a form of armour, and even when you may not be feeling your best you can transform yourself with the help of a few key products and present a more confident version of yourself to the world.

After unveiling the video, Charlotte spoke extensively about how much make up can have an impact on our self-confidence and how it is much more than just superficial. Hearing her speak about her products and the development process for them was so inspirational and there was a great creative energy around her. We were given the chance to ask questions after she had talked us through some of the most popular products in her range (that will be all of them, then!) and she was so funny and interesting. We were told all about how each look is developed with a particular make up look in mind such as the Dolce Vita look inspired by stars like Penelope Cruz and Uptown Girl inspired by the classic look of stars such as Grace Kelly.

At the end of the event, we were lucky enough to be given an amazing goody bag laden with Charlotte Tilbury products. It was so good to meet her and I felt really inspired by the insight given in to how much make up is a powerful tool in making people feel confident and ready to face anything. “Give a woman the right make up and she can conquer the world” Charlotte commented and I have to say I agree! There is definitely a link between looking great and feeling as though you can handle any challenges life throws at you and this is the reason why I love make up. Charlotte’s passion for her brand really shone through during the press event and it was great to hear about the way the different products in the range had been developed. The highlight of the event was of course the chance to meet Charlotte and she is warm, kind and incredibly humble despite her success. Being around her really inspired me to pursue my goals.


It was great to attend the launch of the second Project Confidence. What do you all think of the idea that make up is a powerful tool in the quest for confidence and have you ever tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading  this post.

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  1. Amazing! I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury make up at the moment. I use the magic foundation and I love it so much. I totally agree with make up giving you self confidence, I know that if I have a face of make up (even just a little bit) that I am ready to face the day and it gives me that little bit of extra confidence to do so.

  2. I'm so envious you got to meet her!! what an amazing opportunity! I just adore her products I wish I could afford them all :( I think she has such an amazing point I feel so much better with my make up on! I don't think I could face the world without eyeliner! https://www.bloglovin.com/people/lauzofarabia-1815774 x

  3. What an amazing opportunity! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Those treats look super yummy :)

    xo Azu


  4. sounds like a great event


  5. Amazingg!!


  6. Oh wow, what a fantastic experience!!! Everything seemed to be so on point: the table setting, those gorgeous red roses, the treats, yummy!! I also love the concept of empowering people through makeup, because that's what makeup is really about, right? Highlighting your features instead of transforming them. And that selfie with Charlotte was like the cherry on top!