Friday 1 April 2016

Outfit basics, the white blazer...

I have to confess that I get most of my style inspiration from street style I see other people wearing. Sure, I love to see what celebrities are wearing too and emulate their looks with high street pieces, but there is nothing like seeing what people are wearing day to day in the city to draw inspiration from. I recently saw a woman who looked stunning in a simple crisp white blazer, jeans, t shirt and heels and I drew inspiration from her for this look. Yep, just call me a style stalker! I must say that this look made me wrestle a little with my own basic style principles, I rarely wear white as being curvy I am not sure that it is so flattering for my shape. I prefer black which always makes me feel confident! I like to keep it real, so I want to tell you that I struggle with body confidence issues and have plenty of days where I feel that nothing I wear looks right and I end up trying on several different looks before I even leave the house! I am quite tall, so finding stylish basics can be tricky, but I always fall back on a good pair of jeans, a simple top and a jacket when I do not know what to wear.

I love to share style posts with you now and again when the mood takes me and I hope I can convey a positive message, that whatever your shape, fashion is for everybody. This particular white blazer is from Primark, which is basically where I always shop along with Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and River Island. I do not own anything designer apart from sunglasses and watches, again just keeping it real and showing that you can wear a classic look without spending a fortune. 

This blazer was £20 and it has ruching at the sleeves, a little detail which adds to the overall look. I paired this with a simple black top, my favourite super high-waisted skinny jeans and some boots. The only accessories needed were my trusty Daniel Wellington watch, H&M bag and Balmain shades.

I love the versatility of this look, which is ideal for work, date night, drinks or shopping. It is stylish yet comfortable, which is what I look for in an outfit. The nature of my work as a freelancer means that I often do not know that I have a meeting or a work event until just before it happens. Therefore I try to dress every day in a style which is work appropriate in case anything work-related pops up suddenly. This is often what I wear day to day, jeans, boots, a top and a cute jacket or coat. I think a blazer like this is a great transitional piece from winter to spring style. I have it in pale pink too, because I love the way this blazer is cut. It is quite tailored and it makes every outfit look polished. I have also just invested in a grey waterfall coat from Zara which I look forward to styling for an upcoming outfit post. 

Blazer jeans and boots-Primark 
Watch-Daniel Wellington 

What do you all think, do you like this look and what stylish basics do you think every woman should own? As always, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post!

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  1. Such a classic outfit. Have a great weekend.

  2. This is such a chic look. I really need a white blazer in my collection, actually I just need a lot more blazers in a variety of colours

    Lauren x |

  3. Monochrome suits you very well, looks simple yet elegant :)
    White blazer is also my favorite <3



  4. Good choice to "borrow" the idea because that blazer looks fantastic!

  5. Perfect with that lipstick shade !


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