Tuesday 19 April 2016

Scene Indian Street Kitchen...

Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Manchester is a restaurant I have been hearing about often of late, so I was eager to dine there myself which I was lucky enough to do last week. We arrived on a chilly evening, but we were soon feeling cheerful as we were given a warm welcome and led to a window table overlooking the riverside outdoor terrace. The restaurant aesthetic is contemporary yet exotic, with soft lighting and cosy booths as well as an open kitchen where you can observe the chefs hard at work.

Over crispy poppadoms flavoured with delicate spices and a selection of chutneys, we perused the menu which had many familiar Indian favourites available alongside several chef’s specialities.

We were treated to an array of starters from the menu and the first one I sampled was Jingha Til Tinka, King prawns marinated with sesame oil and freshly ground spices, coated with breadcrumbs and fried until golden. These were a revelation, easily some of the most succulent and meaty prawns I have ever tasted and I loved the idea of this fusion dish, which combined Oriental influences with an Indian slant. 

We were also treated to Keema Kulcha, fresh naan bread stuffed with finely minced lamb, spices and coriander, a satisfying and hearty dish with subtle flavours. 

Crispy onion bhajis were irresistible, as was the samosa chaat filled with potato and chickpeas, and topped with yoghurt, mint and tamarind chutney. 

Chicken Tikka marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander, cumin, turmeric & lime juice was succulent whilst charcoal grilled Lamb Chops were juicy and marinated in a tasty blend of spices.

For the main course I opted for Dhaba Murgh, tender pieces of chicken cooked in a thick sauce with spring onions, fresh coriander and traditional spices; an exquisite Punjabi dish which was so moreish.

I love naan bread, so I had to try the Cheese Kulcha, fresh naan bread stuffed with mild English cheese and coriander and baked in the tandoor. This was just divine and I found myself reaching over to tear off piece after piece of this pillow-soft cheese filled bread.

Laccha Paratha, an exotic layered bread enriched with butter and baked in the tandoor was equally melt in the mouth, and the buttery folds of bread went perfectly with our curries.

My dining companion enjoyed a Chicken Makhani, a creamy curry cooked with onions, tomatoes, sultanas, almonds, pineapple, fresh cream, butter and a selection of mild spices. This had so much exotic flavour and I could not resist sampling it more than once!

After such an amazing feast we decided to skip dessert, instead opting to soak up the relaxed surroundings, soft music and flickering candlelight in the busy restaurant. A big thank you to the team at Scene for such a wonderful evening. 

What do you all think, would you like to dine at Scene Indian Street Kitchen and which of these dishes would you choose? As always I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for reading this post.

Scene Indian Street Kitchen 
4a, Irwell St,
M3 3AN

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